Laura Mercier

Secret Camouflage


Breeze T.
Perfect for blemishes

This is such a HG product for me, it stays in place and is great for pinpoint concealing blemishes and other tiny imperfections. It helps a lot with a scar I have by my eye. I wish this were available in more countries, I got it while on vacation in Ireland because it doesn't exist in Italy :/ It also lasts a really long time, just make sure you clean it properly, as it can attract dust. Too dry for undereyes, so don't use it there (unless your skin is SUPER oily, but even then I wouldn't).

Pamela K.
Great coverage

I've been using this stuff for years and it gives great coverage for covering acne blemishes and/or scars as well as dark circles. Creamy blending and also good if you need to cover up a black eye! Coverage lasts all day.

Alex A.
Don't like it as much as I used to.

I loved the fact that you can customize it to your own skin and the coverage is good but mine dried out on me. If I'm paying so much for a product that has a 18 month self life I want to get as much use of it as possible. The warmth of my finger won't break the product down and I can't use it on blemishes cause it dries my skin out. What a shame.

Elsa L.
Amazing will repurchase

The shade is a little to light for. My liking but once combined mixed you get the best coverage blends wonderful not greasy, best selection of colors for every women for me is thumbs up the this concealer duo. I walk in humid and it last all day for me I'm out for six hours and with my foundation it barely gets dewy I believe this is far the best but I hardly have scaring or acne just blemishes. But for this amazing quality and staying power I will repurchase again and different shades :).

Paula G.

Good coverage, without looking cakey, matte finish and it's good to have 2 shades. I like that it's matte because my skin tends to get oily around my eyes and nose. Very natural result.

Branka P.

Gives excellent coverage without looking cakey or obvious. Very long lasting as well. I love that there are 2 shades that can be mixed to create the perfect color regardless of the season. My skin goes a shade darker in the summer and this saves me the hassle of buying a new shade of concealer with each new season. Also, it's quite big, but still very portable. I expect it will last about two years with daily use. The mirror it comes with is useful for touch-ups. I don't recommed this for the undereye area as it's a bit dry and may look too heavy there. But it's godsent for redness and all sorts of discoloration on the rest of the face.

Amy B.

This is my go to concealer. I can use it all year long because I can lighten or darken the concealer as needed which is so nice!!! It has very good coverage and goes on smooth. This is an amazing product. I absolutely love it!

Natalie C.

I love this product. It lasts such a long time and because of the two colors, I can always adjust whenever I've got tanner or lighter. It stays put and doesn't show. I can't find a single flaw with it. LOVE IT!!!

Natalie G.

I don't really go for a natural look when it comes to makeup, so this heavy duty concealer was exactly what I was looking for. When paired with Laura's camouflage brush, there's nothing you can't conceal. It makes my skin look absolutely flawless.

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Simmy R.
Works great!

I didn't really know about this product until I started working at the Laura Mercier counter. This product is AHHHMAZING! I break out around my chin every now and thn and it really helps it cover it really good. Its amazing how this thing works, it even covers all my moles; I have wayyy too many moles on one side of my face. I usually use it after I apply my foundation and tab all the harsh end around with my finger, and then I set it with laura mercier translucent powder to give it a flawless look :)


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