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Breeze T. Moderator
I can't go back after trying this!

Nars blush in Gilda is, to me, the perfect matte coral blush. It goes on smooth, the packaging fells luxurious, the color is buildable. This is definitely my favorite blush ever. I'm not a huge fan of shimmery blushes, I prefer a matte one so I can decide whether I want a highlight or not every day (and place the highlight where I want it), and so my cheeks don't look like a disco ball. Wasn't a fan of Orgasm, WAY too shimmery. I might try some new ones in the future, but Gilda will be my true love forever <3

Alexa L.
Favourite Blush EVER

Gilda is an orangey blush that fits well with those who have tanned skin or an olive toned complexion. It's build-able, pigmented and matte - making it perfect for various occasions. i find it more suitable for Spring and Summer. You don't need to apply much for it to show and it's the kind of blush that looks great without a bronzer, too.

Laurence P.

Fair skin girls beware ! I'm about NC20 and no matter how careful I am, it ends up looking incredibly harsh and orange on me. I know it's supposed to be coral but I only get orange on me lol. I'll try it again when I'm a bit more tan in the summer