• Iman Memorial Day Beauty Stash

    Iman Memorial Day Beauty Stash

    It's hard not to notice the beautiful and bodacious Iman when she steps onto the scene. Juggling the busy life of a model, actress and fashion and beauty entrepreneur, Iman is ready to relax and unwind during this upcoming Memorial weekend. She dishes to Beautylish her must have beauty products for the long weekend!

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  • Graduation Beauty Essentials

    Graduation Beauty Essentials 

    Soon enough, you'll have your diploma in hand and flipping your tassel to the left side of your cap. Graduation is just around the corner for some of you and it'll be an exciting and busy day. Don't be caught without these beauty essentials that will help make your graduation memorable and beautiful!

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  • Are you sure your skin is clean before bed?

    Are you sure your skin is clean before bed?

    Have you ever woken up with a dark smudge on your pillow? See why two-step, or double cleansing, is a great way to ensure your face is completely bare for bed.

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  • Safe Brazilian Blowout Alternatives
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    Safe Brazilian Blowout Alternatives

    With all the controversy surrounding Brazilian Blowout keratin treatments, Beautylish decided to research safe, formaldehyde-free hair smoothing alternatives. Keep reading to find out more about Beautylish's Top 3 Brazilian Blowout alternatives.

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  • Splurge or Save: Cuticle Care
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    Splurge or Save: Cuticle Care

    Your cuticles are constantly craving moisture, but is there really a difference between high end oils and their DIY counterpart? Beautylish lets you know whether you need to splurge or save for cuticle cream.

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  • What is Argan Oil?
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    What is Argan Oil?

    From the cult favorite hair product Moroccan Oil to Josie Maran's must-have makeup, Argan Oil is the latest natural cure-all ingredient that's appearing in every beauty product right now. But what exactly is this golden elixir?

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  • Why Your Hair Needs Primer Too!
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    Why Your Hair Needs Primer Too!

    Did you think that primer was only for your face? Think again. During our last blowout at the Ric Pipino salon (a SoHo staple), we chatted with stylist Donna Wagner about why hair primers are an underrated staple in your hair routine and which 3 hair primers we love!

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  • Splurge or Save: Cotton Pads

    Splurge or Save: Cotton Pads

    Cotton pads are used daily to apply, tone, and remove products on our skin. The price range for these little cotton fluffs can vary, but are they really worth the extra money? We find out whether or not you should be shelling out the extra cash for these disposable beauty staples.

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  • City-Centric Shampoos

    City-Centric Shampoos

    From climate to tap water, where you live can have a major effect on the condition of your hair. For shiny, silky, and healthy hair every day, here's one company that's creating shampoos that are custom-tailored to your city's conditions.

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  • How To Beauty: Scalp Facial
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    How To Beauty: Scalp Facial

    For beautiful, healthy hair, you need to get the root of hair problems: the scalp. A simple, easy scalp facial can help treat problems such as dandruff, scalp acne, hair thinning, and itchiness, while adding volume and shine to your hairstyle.

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  • 3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store
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    3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store 

    Think the market is just for fruit, veggies, and food? Think again! Click to learn about three must-have beauty products available right from your local health-food store.

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  • At-Home Hair Coloring Foams

    At-Home Hair Coloring Foams

    Have you seen the new foam formula at-home hair colors? Does foam really give the same consistent coloring like liquid and cream hair kits, but without the drip and mess? We spoke to Procter & Gamble Beauty Scientist, Teca Gillespie, on the benefits of hair coloring foams.

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  • Best Foundation for Women of Color

    Best Foundation for Women of Color

    Finding a perfect foundation match isn't easy for anyone, but if you're a woman of color, sometimes it seems near impossible. That's why Beautylish consulted with celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine for his foolproof tips for successful foundation shopping.

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  • Glitter Grabbers: The Best Application Tools to Apply Sparkle
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    • 64

    Glitter Grabbers: The Best Application Tools to Apply Sparkle

    We just gave you the breakdown on glitter makeup yesterday—now it's time to show you our favorite tools and techniques for a long lasting, sparkly eye! Keep reading for our top 3 picks for making sure your glitter stays put.

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  • Refresh & Clean Your Hair Without Water
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    Refresh & Clean Your Hair Without Water

    If you want to shorten your morning hair routine, give a spritz or puff of dry shampoo on your roots to absorb oil and refresh your hair. Here are our top 3 favorite dry shampoos to help you pull off this day-after look.

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  • Backstage Hairstyling Secret
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    Backstage Hairstyling Secret

    Backstage at fashion week, there's always some star product. A special bottle that hairstylists have scrawled their name on and hand-carry from show to show. Here's the must-have hairstyling product from Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week.

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  • 5 Items You Need for Hair Emergencies
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    5 Items You Need for Hair Emergencies

    Have you ever planned to go out after work and forgot to bring that one bobby pin that puts your frizz into submission? We've all been stuck at the office without our beauty essentials, but with proper planning and products, you'll never go to work unprepared for hair-mergencies again! Keep reading for tips on how to build your perfect office hair survival kit.

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  • Bright Lips for Women of Color
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    Bright Lips for Women of Color

    Bright lips are a hot spring makeup trend, but if you’re a woman of color, which shades are best for you? Beautylish shares the best bold lipsticks for darker complexions.

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  • Splurge or Save: Eyeshadow Primer

    Splurge or Save: Eyeshadow Primer

    Eyeshadow primer is used to help prolong and enhance the color of eyeshadows on your lids. Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether to splurge or save on eyeshadow primer!

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  • Spring Storage Solutions Part 4: On-The-Go Beauty

    Spring Storage Solutions Part 4: On-The-Go Beauty

    Beauty organization never stops—even on the go! Keep reading for some easy solutions to keep your beauty goods organized when traveling.

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