5 Items You Need for Hair Emergencies


Have you ever planned to go out after work and forgot to bring that one bobby pin that puts your frizz into submission? We've all been stuck at the office without our beauty essentials, but with proper planning and products, you'll never go to work unprepared for hair-mergencies again! Keep reading for tips on how to build your perfect office hair survival kit.


HAIR FLAIR. Keep some small clips and thin fabric headbands in your kit to accessorize an outfit for the evening.

PRODUCT PACK. Hair spray and anti-frizz serum are a must—keep mini bottles in your kit and replenish whenever necessary. A pre-packed minimergency kit has all of your beauty essentials in a tiny little bag—genius!

CLIPS AND TIES. It's a no-brainer—bobby pins and hair ties are essential for styling a work-to-play hairdo. Have at least 15 bobby pins and five hair ties on hand at all times. Love Berman makes snag-free fabric hair ties in any color you want!

A WIDE-TOOTH COMB. Perfect for detangling, smoothing, and teasing, a wide-tooth comb is your best friend for a quick style change.

WIRELESS FLAT IRON. A mini-flat iron is a lifesaver for a frizzy "hair halo" or bangs that just won't cooperate. Use a cordless styler for a quick heat fix.

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