Which Face Spray Is Right For You?


Ever wonder what makes a refresher, setting, and finishing spray so different? Here’s our quick breakdown—see which one (or more) is right for you!


A refresher spray is a water-based spritzer (like the popular Evian Spray) that hydrates and reinvigorates dry, dull, or flaky skin. Usually water-based with a few extra soothing additives (like cucumber extract or aloe vera), this kind of treatment is meant for bare skin. It doesn’t interact with or set your makeup, so use this simple formulation to prep and freshen your skin before application.


A binding spray is water-based like a refresher, but infused with more minerals and essential oils which meld with the makeup particles on your skin, creating a seamless finish. MAC Fix+ is a popular example. Use this after you’ve just applied your makeup.


The last spray you should mist over your face. Typically alcohol-based (the skin-friendly kind), a spray finisher seals makeup upon contact. Use this spray for special events, warm and humid weather, or if you generally can’t get your makeup to last for more than a few hours. (We like the ones from Skindinavia!)

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