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Do you need a shampoo that's specially formulated for where you live?

Location, location, location. From climate to tap water, where you live can have a major effect on the condition of your hair. Humid conditions can cause frizz while minerals in the tap water can change your color and make your hair difficult to manage. So when it comes to hair care, it makes sense that the shampoo that gives you gorgeous, shiny hair in New York City doesn't work so well when you're in Los Angeles. For the best results, here's one company that's creating shampoos that are custom-tailored to your city's conditions.

The first shampoo from Formula Cosmetics is Formula L.A. Purifying Shampoo. Sunny Southern California is known for its dry air and heavily chlorinated, hard tap water. This chlorine can tint hair green and the hard water can coat hair (feeling like a soapy residue), leaving it difficult to style and frizzy. That's why Formula L.A. shampoo contains sunscreens, antioxidants, extra moisturizers, and purifying ingredients to counteract the mineral deposits that stand between you and a good hair day.

So does it really work? Well, after moving cross country from New York City to Los Angeles earlier this year, Beautylish's Ning had a hard time getting her hair to behave. After every at-home blowout (and even some salon appointments), her hair would just puff up a couple of hours later and look like a frizzy mess. But after testing Formula L.A. Purifying Shampoo for a week, Ning's hair has been sleeker and less fuzzy. It's not a miracle cure (and Ning still swears by her hair mousse), but at least it's a start! Also, Formula L.A. shampoo is biodegradable, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and is packaged in easily recyclable aluminum bottles, so it's an eco-conscious shampoo choice for Ning's new California lifestyle.

Beauties, whether it was on vacation or after a move, have you ever had to adjust your whole hair care routine to suit the new city? Tell us about your town and its hair-averse conditions!

Future cities with Formula Shampoos:

Las Vegas (dry desert air and the hardest water in the whole country)

Arizona (dry air and intense heat)

San Diego (sun damage and hard water)

New York (soft water)

Washington D.C. (still air and humidity)

Chicago (dry winter and humid summer)

Colorado (dry air and hard water)

Atlanta (fluctuating climate and humidity)

Seattle (fluctuating humidity)

Houston (intense heat and poor tap water quality)

Dallas (dry air and hard water)

Philadelphia (soft water)

San Francisco (windy, sometimes humid climate)

Florida (intense heat and humid)

Boston (windy and poor tap water quality)

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