At-Home Hair Coloring Foams


Have you seen the new foam formula at-home hair colors? Does foam really give the same consistent coloring like liquid and cream hair kits, but without the drip and mess? We spoke to Procter & Gamble Beauty Scientist, Teca Gillespie, on the benefits of hair coloring foams.

Q &A WITH P &G Beauty scientist teca gillespie

Recently, we have been seeing a rise in at-home hair color foams, from brands like Clairol, John Frieda, and L'Oréal. What makes foam formulations different from liquids or creams?

Research has shown that some women struggle with the at-home hair color process and would like to feel more confident that they're applying their hair color correctly and evenly. In fact, 85% of women in the U.S. say they want a hair coloring routine to be simple, with a more delightful application experience. Foam hair color is ideal because it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t drip so there's less mess! Foam is neither a liquid, a gas, or a solid, but combines the best properties of all three. When the hair color is squeezed through the foamer cap, it turns the liquid into the lightweight foam which is very easy to manipulate through your hair.

What's the science behind the foam that makes it so much easier to use?

While the ingredients are the same, this formula is made in such a way that it can be mixed in just three shakes, and the product inside the bottle will still be a liquid. Foam is created when you screw the pink foamer cap onto the bottle and give it a squeeze. Even if you put a golf ball-sized amount into your hand, you can still turn your hand upside down and the foam will stay in place. As soon as the foam hits your hair, the bubbles collapse down into a liquid so the color molecules can penetrate quickly into the hair shaft to create the final color. Foam hair color behaves like a solid when resting which ensures no-drip messes. Once you begin moving the foam through your hair, it acts as a liquid, making it easier to spread. The hair color then collapses into the hair, penetrating quickly and evenly. A product like Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam is also easily spread throughout your hair to ensure complete gray coverage and provides beautiful, dimensional true-to-you color results.

Is hair coloring foam safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin issues?

Foam contains the same ingredients as the Nice ‘n Easy liquid colorant, so women who have been using that formula should not experience any issues. As always, we strongly recommend conducting an allergy test 48 hours in advance.

Does hair coloring foam work for all types of hair?

Foam is wonderful for all hair types. Women who have particularly thick hair may notice that foam is easier to apply than a liquid or cream colorant as foam offers more volume so there is more product to work throughout your hair.

While adding color, does foam also give hair a healthy shine?

Foam can deliver dimensional results with natural-looking tones and highlights. And home kits usually come with amazing conditioner packets to really boost that shine and new color!