Graduation Beauty Essentials 


Soon enough, you'll be handed your diploma and flipping your tassel to the left side of your cap. Graduation is just around the corner for some of you and it'll be an exciting and busy day. Don't be caught without these beauty essentials that will help make your graduation memorable and beautiful!

products Graduation Beauty Essentials

  • If the ceremony is outside, don't forget the SPF on all skin exposed areas, including your ears and neck! A cap tan line on the forehead is never a good look Beauties.

  • Bring hair serum in a small container to tame flyaways after you take off your cap. You'll be taking more photos and you don't want static-looking strands. 

  • If the ceremony is outside, stray away from sticky lip glosses. One gust of wind can send your hair and tassel sticking to your lips. Speaking from experience, I was photographed with a chunk of my hair stuck to my glossy lips as I reached for my diploma in high school—not a cute look. 

  • Be sure to wear shoes you can comfortably walk in. Break into new shoes a few days before the ceremony. You don't want to be remembered as the person who fell on their face on stage!

  • Bring sunglasses if the ceremony is outdoors and sunny. 

  • Blotting papers will help get rid oil and sweat spots on your face, so give your face a quick pat with one before taking photos. 

  • A small point and shoot camera stashed with you to capture all your memories.

Beautylish Tip #1: Keep your makeup light so you don't have to continually touch up your face throughout the day. If the ceremony is outside and you piled on the products, the sweat and oil can smudge and fade the makeup away.

Beautylish Tip #2: Drink plenty of water and get some rest the night before! You're going to have a busy day and will want to look fresh and awake.

Beautylish Tip #3: Don't forget to iron your graduation gowns—you don't want to be that student with the checkered-wrinkled gown (since they are usually packaged pre-folded)!

Image courtesy of Jennee