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  • Water-Colored Nails

    Water-Colored Nails

    The transparent yet vibrant effect of watercolor is stunning on canvas, and our community taking the technique to their tips! See our favorite watercolor manicure masterpieces—no aqua required!

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  • Healing Japan, One Face at a Time

    Healing Japan, One Face at a Time

    How can you use makeup to help others? Read the heartwarming story of one Japanese woman who found a way to inspire earthquake victims through beauty.

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  • Colors of the Rainbow

    Colors of the Rainbow

    Not brave enough to try rainbow eyes but still love bright colors? Keep reading for some stunning examples of how you can embrace a vibrant peeper this spring.

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  • Blogger Love: Check Out These Sites!

    Blogger Love: Check Out These Sites!

    Need inspiration? The gurus you turn to for help are all here on Beautylish! From avant-garde to classic beauty, the stunning looks that these makeup mavens create will make you want to get off your computer and head straight to your vanity. Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite It Girls.

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  • Think Pink!

    Think Pink!

    Ready for a rosy makeover? See how our inspiring members wear every shade of pink!

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  • Social Experiment: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

    Social Experiment: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

    Day after day, she walks with ease, not a care in the world of what people see. She’s bright, funky, and ready for a whirl, but what’s in store for this quite peculiar girl? Beautylish’s Jasmine shares the tale of how she walked about the streets of San Francisco with hair and makeup inspired by Dr. Seuss!

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  • Down on the Farm!

    Down on the Farm!

    Cows, and pigs, and chicks, oh my! Keep reading to see how adorable barnyard animals inspire the latest flock of nail designs.

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  • Lower Lashes Love!
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    Lower Lashes Love!

    Bottoms up! Keep reading for some creative inspiration on how to accentuate your lower lashes.

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  • Cupcake Nails!

    Cupcake Nails!

    Got a sweet tooth? Indulge in a delicious manicure that's guilt-free! Keep reading to see how Beauties are frosting their fingertips with this delectable dessert.

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  • Double-Winged Eye Liner

    Double-Winged Eye Liner

    Twice as nice! Keep reading to discover how Beauties are adding double-edged flair to the classic cat eye.

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  • The 4 Elements of Beauty

    The 4 Elements of Beauty

    The celestial forces of fire, water, air, and earth have certainly influenced artists throughout history, and makeup design is no exception. Check out these element-inspired beauty looks, brought to you by the Beautylish community.

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  • Flower Power

    Flower Power

    Excited for the blossoming flowers and sunshine that spring will bring? Keep reading for a preview of the latest floral beauty products and makeup combinations.

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  • Red Carpet Hair Trend: Swept-Up Strands

    Red Carpet Hair Trend: Swept-Up Strands

    The coolest trend to rise from this year’s Grammy Awards? Electro-retro poufs! Keep reading to see how some of your favorite celebs modernized the side-slicked, sky-high vintage hairstyle.

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  • Spring Trend: Tantalizing Teal

    Spring Trend: Tantalizing Teal

    From nails to eyes, teal is a color that looks great on all Beauties! A refreshing change from navy or baby blue, we love the ocean-inspired hue for day and night. Keep reading to see how you can introduce this uplifting shade into your makeup routine.

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  • Inspiration: Heart Lips
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    Inspiration: Heart Lips

    Want to add a really special effect to your look for Valentine's Day? Try a heart-shaped smile! Keep reading to discover inspiring ways enhance your cupid's bow and bring a little oh-la-la to this February 14th.

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  • Super Bowl Beauty Spirit

    Super Bowl Beauty Spirit

    Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, so root for your favorite team with a little beauty inspiration from the Beautylish community.

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  • Extreme Cat Eyes

    Extreme Cat Eyes

    Judging by the recent runway increase in fierce feline eyes, exaggerated winged liner is sure to be one of this year's biggest beauty trends. Keep reading to see how three Beauties interpreted the edgy look.

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  • Social Experiment: Scarlet Fever!

    Social Experiment: Scarlet Fever!

    A hot crimson lip or a bright blush on your cheeks are two classic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But what about a bold, fiery eye color? Beautylish’s Jasmine test drives using scarlet in two dramatic runway-inspired makeup looks, to find out which effect will most interest the opposite sex.

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  • The Nail Gallery Part 2
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    The Nail Gallery Part 2

    You loved our first set of nail art galleries, so we’re bringing the museum to your manicure yet again. See which of your favorite community members embraced fine art on their fingertips!

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  • What’s Your Bridal Beauty Style?

    What’s Your Bridal Beauty Style?

    Don’t know what type of bride you want to be? Narrow down your hair and makeup choices by figuring out what style you want for your dream nuptials. If you are prepping for the upcoming big day or just want to daydream your own wedding, keep reading as we go through four top ‘I Do’ themes.

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