Framing the Perfect Beauty Shot



Whether you’re using a simple point-and-shoot or your smartphone, today’s technology enables you to capture a gorgeous shot with just about any device. And we’ve seen the proof—our Beauties love to post their makeup creations wherever, whenever! If you’re eager to share your latest look in real time or just want to test a design on camera, rethink how you frame your face before you click the shutter.

Photo courtesy of Beauty Marilyn K.FOR EYES

Eyes are the most expressive feature on the face, and your image should harmonize their natural form with your makeup design. Try moving your camera to a high, angled vantage point—this picks up any shadow or liner detailing while simultaneously flattering your eye shape. Position your lens to the side and slightly above your eyes—your lash line and eye liner should be almost parallel to your brows in the frame—and snap away!

Photo courtesy of Beauty Amy S.FOR NAILS

Beauties, “the claw” is no more! Instead of separating all five fingers out (let’s face it, the hand looks stiff), let your digits fall gently next to one another, and softly rest your thumb in the center of your palm. This form creates a unifying line that pulls the viewer into the photo. Be sure to keep a light source in the background to express every artistic element.

Photo courtesy of Beauty Kassie K.FOR FACE

When capturing a full face of makeup, negative space is your best friend! If you balance a done-up face with a simple background, your viewers' eyes naturally focus on your colored complexion without any extra visual “noise.”