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Totally Buggin'!


Ahh, Spring! A time of blossoming flowers, warm weather, and. . . insects? That's right, Beauties! Since the advent of Marc Jacobs' latest lady-bugged fragrance Dot, we're swooning over the cute—not creepy—side of nature's critters! From pretty dragonflies to sweet honeybees, check out these buzz-worthy manicures.


Luck be a ladybug! Thanks to this tiny creatures’ natural spotted pattern, Cutepolish’s French manicure-inspired creation (top, left) features this spring's polka dot trend in red and black.


Mary created simple honeybee fingertips (bottom, left) by layering adjacent black and yellow stripes on each digit. But what really made her apian manicure special? The cartoon-like googly eyes on each tip.


For a softer, sophisticated take on a bugged-out nails, add a cutesy dragonfly to a taupe-tipped French manicure, like Cinya's above (top, right).