Get Ready for Fall


Feeling bored? Here are some fun and inspiring beauty ideas to keep you busy this autumn.

  1. Be a star. Get together with your friends and create your own photo shoot. Do each other's makeup, choose outfits, and get ready to pose.

  2. Get inspired. Flick through the latest magazines for fall-inspired fashion and beauty looks. Stick them up on your wall for some seasonal inspiration.

  3. Make a warming drink. Love hot chocolate? Add a stick of cinnamon to your hot cocoa. It tastes delicious, and the health benefits are amazing!

  4. Head outside. Staying cooped up indoors while the weather gets colder will only make you feel depressed. Go for a walk. You need to get energized and your skin will thank you (exercise helps your body rid itself of toxins).

  5. Do a fall clean. Spend a day packing away your summer clothes. Your wardrobe will be much less cluttered, and you'll be able to plan your outfits with ease.

  6. Have a movie night. Invite your girlfriends and cue up the DVD player. Pick something fun and feminine, like Clueless!

  7. Start a new regimen. Fall is the perfect time to start your moisturizing routine. Stick a reminder note in your bathroom to moisturize your whole body after every shower!

  8. Make over your dresser. A pretty dresser can improve your mood and make you feel more creative. Follow our tips to design something special.

  9. Enjoy a mask. Hair feeling lackluster? Take the time to put a conditioning mask on your hair and wrap it in a warm towel for 15 minutes. The warmth will help the mask soak into the hair follicles.

  10. Plan your products! Head to and browse our articles for some new beauty product ideas. Then plan your shopping list!