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Makeup is the perfect inspiration for sugary confections, and we're elated to see that bakers get excited by beauty as much as Beautylish does. The good thing about these tasty treats? You can enjoy their gorgeous look and their sweet-as-candy finish just in time for the holiday season. Here's an assortment of our favorite beauty desserts to inspire you both at your vanity and in your kitchen!

image courtesy of Sugar by Winz via flickr

This Chanel cupcake assortment gives a saccharine-sophisticated twist to dessert with quilted tops and a beautifully crafted (and edible!) bottle of Chanel No. 5.

image courtesy of IndulgeDesserts via flickr

We're loving these pink OPI nail polish cookies! Can we paint that icing on our fingertips?

image courtesy of kookielicious via flickr

These four palettes look scrumptious enough to display on your vanity. How would you wear these vivid shades?

image courtesy of eskimohime via flickr

False lashes get their time in the sweet spotlight with these hand-painted fondant falsies. Two pairs, please!

image courtesy of Three Honeybees via flickr

Everything about this sugarcoated setup says boudoir beauty. The piped filigree and pastel palette are feminine and mouthwatering.

image courtesy of Angelina Cupcake via flickr

Your creams and lotions are represented by thick, buttery custard on this cupcake. We wouldn't mind licking this sweet skin treatment off of our face.

image courtesy of frostedhappy via flickr

From lipstick to fragrance to an adorable handheld mirror, this cupcake mix has all of your on-the-go purse essentials. The leopard patterning adds a trendy touch.

image courtesy of eskimohime via flickr

Those orange and terracotta shades look pretty enough to smudge on your lids! Can you guess which MAC collection this well-crafted dessert duo is from?

image courtesy of L  & V sweets via flickr

MAC inspires more crumbly cosmetic creations! This time, we're seeing more products emerge in the delicious lineup. What would you name this cookie collection?

image courtesy of Dots Treats Cupcakes via flickr

We were obsessed from the moment we noticed this Nars cupcake collection. We've already spotted Rated R Eye Shadow Duo, but do you recognize the rest of the shades?

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