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Another Urban Decay Hit :)

I recently picked up the Naked2, at first I was spectical in buying this palette because to me it seem very similar to the first Palette in which I own and I LOVE! I use it everyday. I decided to just buy the NAKED2 and after spending time I realize the colors are indeed very much different than the first one, absoubletly beautiful :) You can create beautiful day time to night time looks. A+


Another mascara I'm currently using and I love! if you want to add drama to the eyelashes this product is perfect for that. The brush is awesome because you can keep building the volume as much as you want or also just add a few strokes.


These makeup wipes do not only completly remove ALL makeup but leave the skin feeling super soft and smelling good. My partner loves when I use these and loves the after smell. GREAT PRODUCT!

Not bad

I bought this product once, when I ran out of what I usually wear. The product is decent and not bad for the price. It gives you coverage, it does but if you are looking for full coverage this may not be the product for you.


I own this blush palette and its truly good, you can tone it down or add some color to the cheeks. You can also use the darker tones to contour the face :) Very much worth !


I can't say how much I love this product! its perfect for the highlighting high cheeck bones, the inner tear ducts to give the eyes a more eye opening effect. Truly amazing product! A must!

Making Color Pop

I love my eye shadows to stand out as much as they can, A quick and simple way to do that is with this product! It really does make color pop and keeps the eye shadow on point and long lasting.

Way back glamour!

This mascara takes me way back in the days when I saw my aunts, older sister use this item. After all these years it seems to still be wonders on the eyes.

Party Palette

When I heard this was going hit Sephora I was thrilled!! Especially after viewing the vibrant combo! This is Definitely a fun, party palette! The pigments are on point, very pigmented and I recommend it to anybody who is daring and bold.

Glitter Glam Eyes

I have the gold color & its amazing !!! these are perfect for a night out in town or simply just add sparkle to the eyes on a sunny day. Its super duper easy to use, and the end result is sparkles :)

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