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Jun 5, 2014

Julia R.

Thank you for the follow back! :)

Thank you for the follow hun, followed back ❤️

Nov 6, 2013

Pamela F.

Thank you for the opi comment...I am now :)

Oct 29, 2013

Alma M.

Hello Sarah,Thank you for the follow it's very appreciated.Stay Beautiful :)

Oct 29, 2013

Sarah J.

Thank you Alma :) Thank you for the follow too!! Stay Beautiful :) xx

Oct 2, 2013

Rachel H.

Oh and as a non professional opinion, she might want to have her hormone levels checked out as well. A lot of hormone issues can appear to be just like thyroid problems, but it's a different test.

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Sarah J.

Location: Leeds UK

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About Me

Hello, I am Sarah and I love make up. I am on Beautylish to learn about make up techniques and to learn about more fantastic brands. While I love a bold lip I am less adventurous when it comes to eye make up. This is something I hope to learn about on Beautylish. I have a good knowledge about skin care and hair care and hope to help anyone who is having trouble with their skin or hair. I myself suffer from keratosis Pilaris (Chicken Skin). I have a beauty blog <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>http://thisthatandtotherblog.blogsp...</a> and facebook page <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: February 10
Age: 34


How do you get your teeth to be so white! - I stay away from fizzy drinks and drink plenty of water and a glass of milk in the morning. Calcium is so important for healthy teeth and bones! I then use Colgate whitening toothpaste and Corsodyl Mouthwash to keep my gums healthy. Healthy teeth need healthy gums to live in. I also go to the Dentist every 6months and have a regular clean and polish which I love.

How do you cope with your keratosis Pilaris - My best tips for dealing with Keratosis Pilaris is dry exfoliate, re exfoliate in the shower and then moisturise twice if not three times a day. The Products I use are a Body Shop Hand loofer which I dry exfoliate with. I then re exfoliate in the shower with Soap and Glory Thermo body scrub. I then use L'occatine 100% Shea Butter. (The 100% Shea Butter is a life saver and is fantastic if you have Eczema as well).

What is your best treatment for Spots/Blemishes? - I have a good facial cleaning routine. My go to product is L'occatine. Now while L'occatine products are expensive they use natural ingredients and have made a huge difference to my skin which used to have terrible hormonal outbreaks around the sides of my chin. I use L'occatine Angelica face set!. Angelica plants are amazing. They have everlasting flowers and retain so much moisture. My skin used to get quiet dry as well so this stuff was a life saver. I use the Angelica face gel, toner, face perfector and moisturiser. If I do have an outbreak which is now like one spot! instead of a full outbreak! My answer is Savlon! This tube of antiseptic cream is a life saver. It takes the redness out of the spot and stops it getting to been a white spot. Which is a nightmare to wake up to and then resist the urge to pop ( Which as we all know ladies is a big no no, Do not pop it!)