Not Your Mother's

Way to Grow Conditioner


NiK I.
been looking everywhere

I live in Canada and I can't seem to find it does anyone know where I could because I'd love to give it a try I've been trying to grow out my hair for what seems like forever and a day

Jamie  M.
Holy S!@#

WOW. This conditioner is amazing. From the scent to the healthy feel this conditioner has it all. I have only used this conditioner twice and my naturally curly/frizzy hair has finally been tamed. I bought this conditioner for the hair growth qualities that it has, but it has been keeping my hair soft, unfrizzy, and smelling amazing. The conditioner is thick so with long thick hair I am predicting it will go by fast but it is totally worth it. Does not make your hair greasy between washes either. I highly recommend this conditioner.

Hanna Z.

I really do love this product, except it doesn't really do what it was designed to do- grow your hair faster. I haven't really seen a difference in my hair length that much after using this product, but it does leave your hair smelling super nice and soft.

Ariana G.
Very Nourishing (Almost Too Much)

Pros: Makes my hair fully moisturized. Cons: I like to wash my hair every other day, but when I use this by the second day I find it getting greasier than I would like.

Perla A.

Started using the Shampoo & Conditioner In February & it's now early June. My hairs grown at least 4 inches. Really works, & smells so yummy! I would definitely recommend this.

Sarah J.
Love it!

Lovely conditioner, leaves my hair nice and soft and it smells great. Using this combined with the shampoo feels like I am using Strawberries and Cream to clean my hair. The conditioner is quiet thick like clotted cream. I don't use a lot of it but a little goes a long way with this product.

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Madison P.
Smells SO GOOD

I used this conditioner while using the corresponding shampoo. The both smell AMAZING. The conditioner wasn't exactly deep enough for my hair, but my hair is really picky about conditioners. I didn't see it help with my hair growing any faster, but on the bottle it does say that it doesn't literally make your hair grow faster. Just that the things that the conditioner/shampoo are made out of are really good for your hair. I would recommend this conditioner for any hair type, it's in the middle of lightweight and deep conditioning.

Big box shop F.
Nice Nice Turtles

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Kat J.

Makes your hair so soft, I've had less breakage. I don't think it really helps your hair grow faster obviously, but its got all of the essentials for your hair to be stronger and healthier which aids it's growing process. (:

Nicole D.
Does it work..?

I have had this forever and used it off and on, but still cant tell if it really makes my hair grow. Either way its a decent and cheap conditioner, it makes my fair feel really really soft and smells nice. I'm always skeptical of products with claims like this so I didn't have huge expectations.