Borrow From the Boys: Products to Steal From Your Guy


Stuck at your guy’s house and forgot your razor? Or home for the weekend and all out of shaving cream? Not to fear, you can just borrow from the boys! We’ve already told you how your guy can benefit from your beauty stash, but it also works the other way around. There are some men’s products that just work better than women’s—think shaving cream, razors, even deodorant! But just so that you’re using the best, here are some products to stash in his shower caddy, just so you can steal them.


Forgot your girly, sweet-scented shaving cream? Never fear, just grab a bottle from your dad, brother, boyfriend—whoever! Men’s shaving cream is typically stronger than female versions (and won’t come with that fruity smell) but with Barbasol’s $2.79 price tag, you may even need to nab a bottle for yourself.

RAZOR: Gillette for Men

Ever borrowed your boyfriend’s razor to discover it’s better than yours? This beauty editor did, and she’s never looked back. Designed for thicker, coarser hair, men’s razors give a closer, cleaner shave, so you’ll be summer ready in no time.

MOISTURIZER: Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm

Beautylish co-founder Sameer is kinda obsessed with this stuff, and for good reason. Ursa Major’s all-natural philosophy ensures that no harmful chemicals are found in their formulas, and this face balm leaves a silky-smooth feeling upon application.  We’re also in love with their minimal, sophisticated packaging.

DEODORANT: For Pit’s Sake Natural Deodorant

While this deodorant is pegged as unisex, the no-nonsense label makes it perfect for your guy. It’s also all-natural, toxin-free, and lasts all day long.