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2 weeks ago

Ann L.

I REALLY APPRECIATE all of your extremely thorough and insightful reviews on The Ordinary Products.

I was wondering if you’ve tried their new Granacitve Retinoid in Squalene? And if you had any thoughts on it. I just purchased it. It’s a lovely formulation with no irritation and a light, barely there scent. I’m just wondering if it’s actually going to make any difference in my skin texture or if I’m just better off giving RETIN-A a try. FYI: I’m just about to enter my 40s.

Have you tried Retin-A?... Your Thoughts? When do you think is a good time to start using it?

Nov 29, 2016

Kathy D.

So sorry I'm getting back to you so late but I went to see family over the holiday and didnt really mess with my phone or the Internet. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I will look up the ones you gave me numbers for. thank you again for all of your help and advice.. so much appericated.

Nov 22, 2016

Kathy D.

Can you please tell me what number your ellis fass lipstick is please because I'm so excited and amazed by all the red lipstick there is. they are so beautiful. I'm definitely going to get one I will find a way to justify the cost somehow. lol. I will just wait till after Christmas though because I have shopping to do still. also where exactly did you order it from because I see they sell it at stores in united states also.. thanks again.

Nov 23, 2016

Rozberry J.

I have the red trio from Faas L 101, L 201, and L 301. They are 3 types, Creamy, Milky and Glazed. If you want a traditional lipstick creamy feel, the Creamy is not a traditional tube, but more like..well..a matte cream..and that may be what you seek. Milky is more of a lighter liquid (leaning toward stain) and the more sheer options with a different finish are Glaze, so if you go that route, hit up youtube for swatches or look around online for swatches., This is a true, vampire, very fresh blood, red, unlike the darker, dried blood colors often seen as blood. I also have a Darker, Dragon-esque Deep Red Blood that is stunning and is L202. ('d also peek at the intensely rich, pigmented Plum Wine) These are the only non-long wearing lipstick that I love and it does need touch up after dining, but it does fine (for me) with drinking with a straw. None of these kiss proof for me, but they do leave a really nice, natural stain on the lips as the color wears on throughout the day and t does wear evenly on me. I apply it center and use a lip brush to spread the product evenly.

I actually received the trio as a gift, but I know and trust Dermstore and order from them all the time. They often have sales on the site/promotions, such as the 25% off offer currently, but they will have sales after the New Year as well.

You can also find it online at Urban Outfitters online.

In store, I've never seen it outside of online... although even their site acknowledges it is sold in stores, just not my own city. You can see if your city or state has it in store using this link. If you are in the US , just choose "Americas" and it will list all stores below.

Again, I'd hit up youtube to take a peek before the plunge since it is so costly. I get the feeling you may actually prefer the Dark Blood because the regular blood is SO vibrant...a crimson. Both are unique colors, both those options are my favorite of the Ellis Faas.

I do think the Vice by Urban Decay has some great traditional lip formulas in beautiful reds and the other favs I do love, so it's really about budget and what KIND of lipstick you are looking for in form, finish, and application. It is absolutely not for everyone and so although I was gifted my first, the darker blood was my own purchase. If it was an initial purchase, I'd definitely do some online peeking at swatches and reviews prior to purchase, unlike my other recommendations because it really is such a unique product.

Application should be applying center lip, as Ellis Faas suggests, and spreading with a brush or even their finger. Many people don't do that and I think it shows in their neatness and in their issue with application. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Nov 18, 2016

Kathy D.

Oh shoot and yes I looked at a few of the reds you mentioned and I am trying to decide which ones to try..

Nov 19, 2016

Rozberry J.

Oh good! Best of luck on the red front.

Nov 18, 2016

Kathy D.

Ok. thank you so much for your help, honesty and advice. can I ask why you don't likecthe it cosmetics cc cream. I purchased it a few days ago. I hope I like it.

Nov 19, 2016

Rozberry J.

I actually liked the way it looked and felt on my skin aside from the unnatural luminosity that was a bit much for my tastes in sunlight, but I had been doing ingredient research both at the library and online, specifically citrus oils in some forms. I decided to take that research further and consult both my Derm and my Aesthetician regarding the formulation. My Derm implored me to lose it and confirmed research I had done, noting that the citrus and some other ingredients possibly irritating deeper layers of tissue resulting in loss of collagen and break down of cells..essentially progressing aging rather than fighting it. This is hotly debated among skincare, but I did also go on to ask another skin care Pro, my Estie, who agreed with my Derm and urged me to stop usage, which after my research, I had already done doing before even consulting.

People love what they love. Often, they dismiss opposing voices and it's same thing with tanning or eating fried food..we all find reasons to continue something that might not be in our best interest. It was tough to part with, but I didn't feel comfortable using it and found that I enjoyed other products much more with peace of mind and with results in look and feel.

Because my Derm is so amazing and knowledgeable in ingredient-based science and her own Derm products are so amazing, I respect her voice and honor her education. I threw in the garbage rather than pass it along to a friend. I prefer the tinted Paula's now much more than the IT and I do take issue with their claims. They are exaggerated and their products are packed with potential irritants. I run sensitive anyway, but increasing phototoxicity even with SPF just isn't in my own interests. Why risk it if it's even a remote possibility is my view.

Because irritation is not often evident on the surface, people debate it and it's been done here and all over the web. You ultimately have to do what you feel is best for your own tastes and skin health. You might want to ask Kitty as I do respect her voice, even if it isn't in keeping with my own thoughts perhaps regarding citrus oils and phototoxicity and photosensitization as well as potential irritation and collagen breakdown/cell damage.

In addition, while I do not always agree with the Paula's Choice Team, her detailed review and explanation is in keeping with my Derm and Estie.

There are people here who use it and love it and I don't begrudge the that joy, but it's time that will truly reveal if something has caused deeper and active aging irritation. It's just not worth even a remote risk to me as I do take my skin much more seriously than I'm sure many people do by habit.

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