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2 days ago

Rhiannon C.

Thank you so much! I got the primer in the mail yesterday, and it does look better now. I think you are right about the skincare routine and I am going to try what you suggested with the chemical exfoliant and toner and find a good moisturizer

2 days ago

Rozberry J.

I'm so glad! Sometimes it really does help to use products that are in the same line for maximum benefit.

If you need a really nice chemical exfoliant and you don't want to spend a lot of money, Lac Hydrin 5 is a favorite. You need only a drop and it's a fantastic moisturizing exfoliant that is very oily skin (and dry skin) friendly. If you are in America, CVS carries it. They're out of stock online, but you can use the page to locate it in a store near you or check Walmart, as they often have it. This bottle would last you forevah.

For your skin type, your best Moisturizer would be CeraVe PM, which not only helps heal skin and fight acne, but hydrates without adding any oily feeling.
I'll also link. (Every store should have this) There's a $2.00 coupon on CeraVe's home website that you can use at any store.

Those two should keep you covered and you should see brighter, smoother skin. I will say that a broad spectrum SPF is a must when exfoliating. If you need a good SPF product, let me know. Glad to be of help and your return to say thanks is very much appreciated. Your'e a class act. :)

4 days ago

Rhiannon C.

Hello! I saw you commented back on my thread but it's not showing me at all, I am wondering what you use for foundation to apply it, and how you apply it. my foundation never looks good or smooth or has the coverage I want. I use a primer as well.

3 days ago

Rozberry J.

How is your skin at the moment? Often it's our skin that's the issue and not our foundation. I wear sheer to light coverage if I wear foundation so I may not be the best advisor for getting maximum coverage. In my photos, all of my foundation is sheer to light coverage. (I do love RCMA for special occasion photos/full coverage)...but I run very dry verses oily, which I believe is your skin type.

My advice would be to be sure you are using a chemical exfoliant and a toner with an all cotton nubby washcloth to get your skin as smooth as possible and avoid patches. Oily folks sometimes don't use moisturizers or facial oils for fear it will bring on more oil, but it's actually the opposite. Skin produces even more oil to protect it's moisture barrier if you aren't helping it stay balanced and use all 'drying' products.

Since you run oily, building up too much product and not waiting between skincare or layers of product will result in sliding off. Patience is key here. I like clean fingers and a Beauty Blender (or the Eco Tools Sponge), but a great brush can work wonders if you aren't flaking. The IT Brushes for ULTA are spectacular, and Real Techniques is also a great brush option. I own UD's Optical Blur Brush and that's outstanding, but I believe IT makes an "airbrush" version that you may enjoy even more if you are fond of brush application. For Powder, the IT for ULTA giant powder brush is tops.

I really do think that our skin is a canvas and so until that's nice and the proper pH, hydrated and not built up with excess oils...make up will never look its you may want to examine your skincare a bit to see if you're doing all you can in that department.

If memory serves, you're using the Naked Skin by UD, which is matte. Matte is much less forgiving on skin than slightly dewy foundations and so whatever flaws there are will be amplified. I'd start with an oil-skin friendly moisturizer, such as CeraVe PM, and let that sink in..then move onto my primer...and again, wait a little to let product settle so you don't get any pilling and balling up.

I think a very helpful and informative member, Aurora, has great tips for the application part that may be of help. I'll link you to her profile, which I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you swung by to say hello and ask for her thoughts. I don't believe we share views on chemical exfoliants, I attribute my need for little coverage to my own skincare knowledge and habits, but to each their own, of course, respectfully. Heredity often plays a significant role..but I do take my own skin incredibly serious, as does Aurora.

In the end, I really do believe this may be a skincare issue, however, so if you try some of the tips received and still can't get a nice can always hit me up if you want to step up your skincare game. :)

Dec 12, 2016

CPT- Lili R.

Hi rozberry sorry I'm just reaplying I have been really busy and havent really been on here but I do understand why you put me on all those stuff you explained and helped a lot and I really appreciate it... i hope you have been good and have had happy holidays... I wanted to ask you have you tried this or what are your thoughts on it??..... iv also looked for the olay product u recommendd and cant find it anywhere

Feb 17, 2017

Rozberry J.

A belated happy holidays to you. The Olay Product is being reformulated, but I believe I did mention that had it half off for quite some time. (I purchased it from them in December.) I do still see it available for sale on the web from a variety of trusted sources. It's on Walmart's site presently and is still for sale on

As for the PTR, I've been moving away from the line as a whole; they make a lot of promises, but nothing that comes to mind these days wows me from them.
I've switched a lot of my skin care up over this past year, so perhaps that's why.

I do use actual Retin A and so I alternate it with a few, core Retinol products , balancing with my acids. Staples these days include Paula's Choice, Obagi, Timelesss Skin Care, Drunk Elephant , Sunday Riley, and Olay's Pro-X and few of their Regenerative options, which has nice, effective Retinol formulations that rival much pricier lines. There should hopefully be something in those lines that works with your budget for your skin needs. (Just steer clear of anything Retinol-based in a jar.) For that price point, you may want to look into some of the other lines I've mentioned.

That aside, I've been actively moving toward cruelty-free skin as much as possible in this New Year and so I'm using up some old favorites.

Cheers to you and I hope you had a lovely Valentines. :)

Feb 21, 2017

CPT- Lili R.

Thanks for your thoughts 😊, I don't remember you mentioning where I could get th olay pro x I do remember you giving me a link to paulas review but not where to buy it or maybe I didnt pay attention sorry if that was the case, since I couldnt get my hands on the olay pro x I decided to try sunday riley good gene and its been ok I'm also still using the paulas choice retinol you told me of and there vitamin c when I first bought that retinol from paulas I went hard on it I was using it every night but my skin felt super sensitive I had to cut it and for 3 days and start again and went from using it every 2 days cuz I didnt want to make the same mistake but now my routine consist of differ stuff I'm using one day the retinol the next I do a mask and don't do anything extra besides moisturize then the day after that I use the good genes and then the dag after that mask againand just moisturize and then after that the cycle starts againe with moisturizer I've been doing what you told me and not using the acid and retinol together, do you think my routine is to slow and that I need to be less masking and more acids or retinol? I honestly don't know if I'm doing good or not my skin looks nice I realize that I had unrealistic expectations on my face I wanted like babys botom soft no texture kind of skin (impossible lol) its just that I saw this one girl at sephora one time I went and her skin was heavenly she looked airbrushed like almost like a doll and I want that so bad lol but that will never happen.

Feb 21, 2017

Rozberry J.

I have found the Olay to be more gentle on my skin than Sunday Riley's Good Genes, but even so, I only use it twice a week on evenings when I do not use Retin A/Retinol. I never layer my exfoliating products.

Paula's Retinol is quite serious in concentration and formulation and so I would kick it down to 1 night a week, on the same night every week for 4 weeks. I'd also be using only a nickel size amount on my entire face, including the eye area.
After it's soaked in, I would follow up with a thin layer of CeraVe PM or a soothing facial oil such as Jojoba or Squalane. (If you are really dry, you can apply both after Retinol absorbs a little bit.) If you are in good shape with 1 night, bump it up to two...spaced a few days apart...then every 3rd day, etc. It's all about balance.

Always let skin completely air dry at least 30 minutes before applying Retinol.
When using C, if you use it in the morning, skip it on evenings you are using a Retinol product or an acid such as the Olay peel.

I would not use the night peel nightly, but instead, begin once a week...and not on a night you use retin A. You can bump it up to twice a week once you see how skin responds. After the peel product absorbs, top it with a nice layer of CeraVe PM.

I think you'll find this works well and you should be great. As for your Good Genes, a nice dupe at 5% is Lac-Hydrin 5. I would only use that 1 day a week for starters...on the same day for a month...on a non-acid/retinol evening.
For sun protection, broad-spectrum is a must, even on cloudy days.
Paula's Choice Recovery Toner is soothing and calms skin, helps promote healing and relieves redness and irritation. That's the 2nd step in any of my skincare routines and I'd advise you to also bring that into your care.

This routine of soothing, exfoliating, hydrating, anti-aging, evening-out-skin tone, smoothing, and plumping should dramatically change your skin to the very best it can be. You already have lovely skin and I do believe you can get to a place where you WOW yourself, just like the lady at Sephora. For an added bonus, Paula sells moisture booster packs and Dr Jart has a Ceramide cream that's amazing if you are running dry or want more anti-aging. It's for evening usage. You can also bring in La-Roche Posay Hydrating Face Wash for more soothing and hydration...with beneficial skin results.

Patience is the key. You'll get there. That should hopefully square things away for you. Take care and best of luck! :)

Feb 21, 2017

CPT- Lili R.

I actually am using that toner thanks to you 😊... I really like it, it feels like milk its liquidy but feels creamy and soothing on the skin I really like it 😊😊

I'm also using the vitamin c serum from paulas you recommend and I've been mixing it with my retinol and then putting it on my faced is that wrong??... when I use the good genes I put the vitamin c on top of my good genes after I let that set is that wrong??

I've been blessed with normal skin and the products I've been using havent changed how my skin reacting the only time I had issues was when I used the retinol hard core when I got it instead of taking baby steps but I'm good with it I'm not having issues my skin is looking better like more healthy and bright if that makes sense and I got you to thank

I hope to get to that wow factor one day and see my skin baby smooth lol or at least close to that lol... I also have a question, what do you use for your blackheads I don't know what to do to get rid of them lol

Feb 21, 2017

Rozberry J.

You can use a dupe for Paula's to save money next time with the added benefit or Ferulic Acid with Timeless Skincare's C E with Ferulic Acid; it's $25. With any online coupon code you can get it for $20. Batches are made fresh. Store in Fridge. Drunk Elephant's C is also phenom and has an extensive shelf life and impressive formula if you'd like to explore something outside of Paula when it comes time for a refill. I don't personally layer C with acids or retinols as I'm very sensitive. If you are fine layering them, then you shouldn't worry. Our skin always tells us what it likes and what it does not.

You want to work up, ideally, to Retinol 4-5 days a week over time. It's really about whatever is producing results. I don't have any blackheads..insane, but true..., but to keep them from forming I use Paula's BHA in the gel formulation, travel size, which lasts a very long time.

I do think that as you intensify and elevate your routine..maybe mix it up with a few new things, such as some favorites I hope you do try and enjoy, you will get your skin to the very best it can be. Our Diet...exercise patterns, water and hydrating food consumption, vitamins/minerals, Japanese green, sun protection, genetics, much factors into our skin. Your goal should simply be to be the very best you can be...and know that you are taking fantastic care of your health, including your skin, which is your largest organ. Worth all that pampering and hope it makes you feel better with each passing day.

Cheers and have a lovely week. :)

Feb 21, 2017

CPT- Lili R.

I actually have been eyeing the drunk elephants c serum lol I'm like half way thought the Paula's bottle so I think I'm a get the drunk elephant when I run out thanks for confirming its good lol

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it

Nov 29, 2016

Kathy D.

So sorry I'm getting back to you so late but I went to see family over the holiday and didnt really mess with my phone or the Internet. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I will look up the ones you gave me numbers for. thank you again for all of your help and advice.. so much appericated.

Nov 22, 2016

Kathy D.

Can you please tell me what number your ellis fass lipstick is please because I'm so excited and amazed by all the red lipstick there is. they are so beautiful. I'm definitely going to get one I will find a way to justify the cost somehow. lol. I will just wait till after Christmas though because I have shopping to do still. also where exactly did you order it from because I see they sell it at stores in united states also.. thanks again.

Nov 23, 2016

Rozberry J.

I have the red trio from Faas L 101, L 201, and L 301. They are 3 types, Creamy, Milky and Glazed. If you want a traditional lipstick creamy feel, the Creamy is not a traditional tube, but more like..well..a matte cream..and that may be what you seek. Milky is more of a lighter liquid (leaning toward stain) and the more sheer options with a different finish are Glaze, so if you go that route, hit up youtube for swatches or look around online for swatches., This is a true, vampire, very fresh blood, red, unlike the darker, dried blood colors often seen as blood. I also have a Darker, Dragon-esque Deep Red Blood that is stunning and is L202. ('d also peek at the intensely rich, pigmented Plum Wine) These are the only non-long wearing lipstick that I love and it does need touch up after dining, but it does fine (for me) with drinking with a straw. None of these kiss proof for me, but they do leave a really nice, natural stain on the lips as the color wears on throughout the day and t does wear evenly on me. I apply it center and use a lip brush to spread the product evenly.

I actually received the trio as a gift, but I know and trust Dermstore and order from them all the time. They often have sales on the site/promotions, such as the 25% off offer currently, but they will have sales after the New Year as well.

You can also find it online at Urban Outfitters online.

In store, I've never seen it outside of online... although even their site acknowledges it is sold in stores, just not my own city. You can see if your city or state has it in store using this link. If you are in the US , just choose "Americas" and it will list all stores below.

Again, I'd hit up youtube to take a peek before the plunge since it is so costly. I get the feeling you may actually prefer the Dark Blood because the regular blood is SO vibrant...a crimson. Both are unique colors, both those options are my favorite of the Ellis Faas.

I do think the Vice by Urban Decay has some great traditional lip formulas in beautiful reds and the other favs I do love, so it's really about budget and what KIND of lipstick you are looking for in form, finish, and application. It is absolutely not for everyone and so although I was gifted my first, the darker blood was my own purchase. If it was an initial purchase, I'd definitely do some online peeking at swatches and reviews prior to purchase, unlike my other recommendations because it really is such a unique product.

Application should be applying center lip, as Ellis Faas suggests, and spreading with a brush or even their finger. Many people don't do that and I think it shows in their neatness and in their issue with application. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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