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By far the best mascara...

I have long eyelashes (light brown of course..) and everyone asks me all the time what kind of mascara i use or if im wearing fake lashes because they look so long and "perfect" No Fake lashes for me.. everyday of that would be costly. So I tell them i use Last Blast. I SWEAR BY THIS STUFF. its like eyelash crack for me. i wont wear any other mascara. I have it in regular and waterproof and have worn it since it came out on the market.

I HIGHLY recommend it!!


On top of being great for just throwing into wet hair, keeping it soft & moisturized, protecting during thermal usage...


that you can mix a cap full of it into your color to infuse it into the hair and seal in the color?! Cream color only (i believe). Used it the first time on myself and my hair was SOOOO healthy! I cannot live without this product in the salon<3

Does the job but packaging needs a bit of help.

Ive noticed in the other reviews everyone else pretty much has the same pros and cons as me. It does the job and sets the makeup really well for a cheap price. doesnt really help with keeping the face matte when it comes to people that have combination to oily skin types. The pump DOES spray WAY too much out. it needs to be a much finer mist so it doesnt soak the face if you are too close when spraying it.. the recommended 6-10 inches needs to be like 12-14 inches away while spray.

Better than the pen!!

Like I said in my review for the pen style liquid eyeliner.. i prefer this style much better. Easier for me to use on myself. And gets a beautiful fluid line.. and LOVE that it is Smudge proof. Once again you need the eye makeup remover pads (or any oil free makeup remover) to remove it with out scrubbing.

Love this...

Too bad it doesn't come in other tints... not colors.. but TINTS. Seem you can only really use this on bare eyebrows for taming. If used over the brow filler/powder it becomes tainted=( it turns a murky brown. I would love to see different tints so my products dont have to get disgusting.


I would rather use this than my collection of clinique crap my mother swears by. When i have a blemish I reach for the zit zapper and dab it on. Gone by the next day. Why pay tons of money and still breakout when u can grab the zit zapper and cleanser? =)

Best HD powder for a GREAT steal! lol.

This setting powder is AMAAZING! and leaves the skin looking flawless. A PICTURE perfect finish. Used this for the first time at a Cotillion, for their pictures with the photographer. And they all looked glowing, skin tones matched, and they all looked airbrushed. Exactly what i need as a makeup artist on a budget<3

Perfect brow compact

It can withstand sweat, oily skin, and weather! I love using it and then sealing it with either the brow treat and tame or the clear brow mascara. LOVE IT!

Own it, Love it.

Its good for personal use.. just enough for one person when it comes to eyeshadows blushes.. the variety is nice but dont be surprised when u see the products are like pint sized. haha. Good for you, not for clients.

Id rather a kabuki brush.. =(

The brush is too loose and and seems to SHED alot which in the business of makeup.. thats not a good thing. bristles all over my clients is never good.

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