Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

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Cheramy K.
Love it!!!

I originally got this for the brow gel, but I'm super impressed with the lash side! When used over a mascara it separates, lengthens, and makes them darker :) For only a dollar I'm super happy with the quality. I recommended this to my friend who wants to try a brow tamer. On days when I dont feel like wearing makeup, I use this and I feel so groomed!

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LexeyAmber B.
Love it!

Ok so I love this product, It keeps my eyebrows in place, it makes them look clean, groomed, and looking full. I love this so much I won't use anything else, I recommend to use this with the ELF Eyebrow kit for the best results!

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Jenny N.
Love it!

This brow and lash gel works amazingly great! It does it's job by keeping the eyebrow hairs in place . It does not budge whatsoever once it sets. On the other end, it does a nice job by lengthening the eyelashes a bit .

Sara N.
Perfect primping, phenomenal price

Unruly brows are tamed instantly, while lashes are glossed and perfected with an easy twist of your wrist. The eyebrow gel sets quickly. It is a great product to finish your eyebrow powder and pencil routine with. I have never found my brows cemented into place, yet have had this product last all day. As far as lashes go,I am in love. For understated perfection this lash gel is perfect for "no make-up" situations. If it is added over mascara, it magnifies thickens and lengthens your lashes. For a person who prefers a subtle brow and makeup look this is the holy grail even compared to "higher end" product lines; elf holds up to and surpasses competition!

Star Y.
One of my Faves

I love this gel formula. It holds my lashes in place and my lashes don't move. I would fill in my brows with a powder or a matte brown eyeshadow and use this product to hold every hair together. It's a simple product and i use both ends just for my brows. I don't notice a big difference between the brow and mascara side. I have probably 4-5 backups because my mother likes to steal mine whenever she runs out of hers. Overall, I would recommend this to people who wants their eyebrows to stay in place and for the price, it's amazing.

Tiffani H.
Absolutely Love

I wanted to try this out after seeing someone use it in a tutorial video, and I do not regreat my purchase. The staying power is amazing. I use the eyelash side on days that I fill in my eyebrows, and the eyebrow side on the days that I do not. I will definitely repurchase. 5 out of 5.

Pamela D.

I used to use the clear mascara by Maybelline and didn't think it was really that great as far as keeping my eyebrows in place. And, seeing as how I have to fill in my eyebrows every day, the staying power of this impressed me. This does the job and is so much cheaper! Even the first time I used it I knew I liked it better than the Maybelline clear mascara I was using before. I will keep repurchasing this!

Dimi  G.

I use this as a base for my mascara and to shape my eyebrows without using an eyebrow pencil. This product is amazing. The first time I used it I fell in love with it. I order all my e.l.f products online. They have amazing deals!

Treasure N.
must have for all

I was using a really expensive brow gel made by Dior. That gel was ok but damaging on my pockets. I must say the brow gel is perfect. Glides on smoothly with out ruining my brow powder. Also dries quickly and doesntt smudge. I wore this gel on my brows during my vacay to the bahamas and my brows stayed on from morning to morning lol. Through parties and beaches and rqin as well as sweat. I definetly recommend this product!!!

Michelle B.

i love this brow gel! i use it for my brows only on a everyday basis,it keeps my brows in place.the package is small,i wish they would make a bigger version of this,your product goes fast so i do recommend buying more than one at a time,they are only 1.00 so not bad at all you can get them at e.l.f ,target and kmart!