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My favorite blush that I've tried.

A little goes a long way with this blush because it is very pigmented. The color is absolutely amazing. You can contour with the darker side and use the blush separately or I like to swirl the colors together. I would recommend this blush to anyone. The only thing I don't love is the packaging or the brush it comes with but who really uses that thing anyways? All and all, its a GREAT product.

Amazing yet affordable

I love this liner. It goes on smoothly, its dark, and it doesnt budge when it get wet. I've gone to sleep with it on (one of those nights) and when I woke up it was practically the same way it was when I put it on. Great for a long day/evening and doesn't hurt your wallet one bit!

For the most part this is pretty fabulous.

This is the only BB cream I have ever tried so I have nothing to compare it to. The coverage is light but it does a great job of evening out the skin tone and giving you that soft glow. The only thing I don't like is that it is a little on the greasy side. Its not bad enough to discontinue use though. I would recommend this product but I am also opening to try another brand.

Absolutely Awesome

This brand needs more recognition than it gets. It's hard to find but you can always get some products online. Everything smells really good and works extremely well. The packaging is adorable and the quality ingredients are outstanding. I especially love their hand creme. I got the honey coconut and it works wonders. I had a dry patch on my leg that just would not go away for some reason. I tried so many different moisturizers and they did nothing. I randomly decided to put some of the hand creme on that spot and almost instantly the skin was smooth and brand new! This is just goes to show that this stuff has completely moisturizing power without the greasy feeling, Everyone needs to check love and toast out!


This all over color sticks is only $1 so there isn't much that you should be able to complain about. Specifically this color is my favorite. A lot of people say it doesn't blend well but to me it blends just fine. One stamp of it goes a long way. I don't use this particular color on my cheeks very often but I do like it as a blush. I use it mostly on my lips and it is absolutely the prettiest lip color I've ever seen (in my opinion). Just put on some lip balm, dab on this color stick and some clear lip gloss, and you're good to go. I can't even stress enough how great this product is for WHAT it is. Also, the golden peach color makes for great shimmery eye shadow base! or to add a golden sheen to any lip stick. Just dab it on the middle of your lips. Everyone go try it!

One of my holy grail

Definitely a favorite! I love everything about it! especially the coverage and how it doesn't make me break out. It feels air light like nothing is on your face! Another plus is that its easier to pump out for application.


I love this however its sold out and impossible to get for under 30 dollars now. BUT, there is hope people! I Find that the HARD CANDY fox in a box blush in the color SKINNY DIPPING is a DUPE for this! :].

All time favorite

This was my first perfume and I'll use it forever. It's a very beautiful and feminine fragrance. Perfect for a hot date or night out on the town. I wouldn't wear it when its hot out though. Its very potent.

Very unique and tantalizing aroma

I LOVE this fragrance and I'm so shocked they discontinued it! It smells like nothing else I've ever tried. I'm not into musky or woody scents but this is the perfect combination of fruity and warm. It's SO great! I had to get mine off Ebay.

Nice treat for your lips

I actually like to keep this in the shower because I can rinse it off and apply it in like two seconds without making a mess of my sink. It has simple ingredients that definitely do the trick and exfoliate your lips like crazy. A plus is that it tastes and smells awesome!

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