All Over Color Stick


Kayla T.

This all over color sticks is only $1 so there isn't much that you should be able to complain about. Specifically this color is my favorite. A lot of people say it doesn't blend well but to me it blends just fine. One stamp of it goes a long way. I don't use this particular color on my cheeks very often but I do like it as a blush. I use it mostly on my lips and it is absolutely the prettiest lip color I've ever seen (in my opinion). Just put on some lip balm, dab on this color stick and some clear lip gloss, and you're good to go. I can't even stress enough how great this product is for WHAT it is. Also, the golden peach color makes for great shimmery eye shadow base! or to add a golden sheen to any lip stick. Just dab it on the middle of your lips. Everyone go try it!

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Kestrel R.

I have the Pink Lemonade and love it as a creamy eyeshadow base and lip stain. I have had no problems at all with texture or color payoff. Overall, I really recommend it. My daughter uses Spotlight as a bit of shimmer, as she's not much of a "makeup" girl, when she wants to add a bit of sparkle.

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Nora V.
Pretty Good for the Price

I got this a few months ago because I needed something that I could put on fast in the car on days that I didn't have a lot of time before work. It's a nice shade. Kinda heavy to some people maybe, but I like heavier blush so it worked well for me. I wouldn't wear it on my eyes or lips though, because it's a little too thick and creamy. The only complaints I have are that it's kinda thick, so don't use too much, and it doesn't last more then a few hours. All in all, it was $1 at Target, so it wasn't a waste of money by any means.

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Erika S.

I have personally only used this as a cheek stain blush lol. It comes out harsh but blending it with your fingers does the trick =] the color is so prettyy

Rose M.

It works terrible as a blush in my opinion, it didn't blend right. I like this product as a eyeshawdow and lip color applicator. It also brings out acne scars, therefore, I didn't like it as a blush.

jazzica Q.
good for a really inexpensive blush stick...

i was out of my tarte cheek stain, so i decided to pick this up to use as blush...although it doesn't go on as smoothly as i'd like (needs to be more creamy), and i have to rub it to make it blend well, it leaves a nice colour that lasts a good amount of time. it also is slightly shimmery...and it only cost $1.

Julianne J.
Really good product hidden under hardened shell!

I basically feel the same about Pink Lemonade as I do about the Golden Peach shade all over color stick. Where Golden Peach is more shimmery gold and less peach, Pink Lemonade is way more true to its name- relatively well pigmented. It has the same scent as the other one and for me, the texture is so-so. I love creamy, silky products and this is more on the dry side. For the low price point, 1dollar at Target, it is alright. Many ELF products are cheap and not the best quality- although with any brand there are hits, and misses. I think as far as an all over color stick Pink Lemonade is better- better on the lips and cheeks because its way more pigmented. I haven't tried these on the eyes- but if I do, I most assuredly will use an eye primer or make a primer from concealer or foundation with some translucent powder to set it.

Update! I realized that this product worked better if I scraped off the dried layer on the top! Under the tough exterior, so to speak, the rich, creamy pigmented product was hiding. I love how smooth and rich this is, but I still think Golden Peach is not as good. I love the shine and that its as pigmented and sits between Revlon's Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks Pink Pout and Sky Pink, color wise. Great on lips and cheeks. I am glad I took a better look at this. Sometimes its easy to write something off because you didn't closely examine a product and were too eager to search for something new. I think you could use this for a rocking pink shadow eye base as well.

Manda S.
Only as a cream eyeshadow

It's just too bright to use on my face for a blush. Even then by itself it makes me look like my eyes are bloodshot and something's wrong with me lol. Needs the help of other eyeshadow colors. It has a nice smell to it though. Maybe if I could get a hold of a different shade it would be more useful.

Sarah A.
Not as advertised

This looks great, smells great, but is impossible to put on and look right. I have purchased this twice--thinking that that first time I got a bad batch--but it is sticky and just never looks right.

LeeAnn B.

I bought this at Target for 1$ because it was cheap and I am usually pleased with the Elf products they carry and I have used this product as a blush, lipcolor, and eyeshadow base. This product is sticky and depending on where you store it will make matters worse ( Mine fell out of my purse and spent the day in my hot car!) I did find it to work best as a lip color, something light to tint your lips over chap stick. The pink lemonade color is more "cherry/rose" rather than pink lemonade but I liked the color on my lips so I definitely use it from time to time. Not the best of ELF products in my opinion.