Love & Toast

Happiness Kit


Kayla T.
Absolutely Awesome

This brand needs more recognition than it gets. It's hard to find but you can always get some products online. Everything smells really good and works extremely well. The packaging is adorable and the quality ingredients are outstanding. I especially love their hand creme. I got the honey coconut and it works wonders. I had a dry patch on my leg that just would not go away for some reason. I tried so many different moisturizers and they did nothing. I randomly decided to put some of the hand creme on that spot and almost instantly the skin was smooth and brand new! This is just goes to show that this stuff has completely moisturizing power without the greasy feeling, Everyone needs to check love and toast out!

Izzy D.

I got this package for free as part of their summer giveaway. Everything smells sooo wonderful! Everything works wonderfully as well. I especially love the lip scrub, lip butter and the face moisturizer. They all smell for fruity and lovely! The only con I have is that I have very sensitive skin. I tried the body lotion on the back of my hand to test it and my skin did turn a bit red and was irritated. However, I did the same with the face moisturizer, but my skin wasn't irritated. I haven't tried the other face products yet since I'm a bit hesitant, but I'm sure they're great! I will definitely buy from Love and Toast again!