Ralph Lauren



Saby T.

I lovee the smell ! I love how it is so feminine,light and it has a lovely scent.And the scent itself stays for a long time ! I definitely love this perfume ! Will re-purchase this for sure !

Maloree P.
pretty scent that lasts

I used to work at Macy's and the lady from the perfume counter gave me this perfume for free one day so I tried it and loved it!! it lasts ALL day which is very important to me. who wants a perfume that only lasts a few hours? not me! it also smells good. it has a floral scent to it but it isn't over powering. I have had it over two yrs and still have half the bottle left. I will probably buy another bottle when it runs out.

Christany J.

I have been having an ongoing love affair with this fragrance for the past three years! I am constantly getting complimented, and have even had total strangers ask me what product I'm wearing so that they can go buy it! This line is so great because they not only offer the Eau de Parfum, but they also offer purse sprays and body mists of the same scent. Anyone considering investing in this product, please do! You won't regret it!

Lupe V.

I purchased this as a gift for my mother for mother's day. It smells amazing!!! I can't get over the smell. It's not too strong and that's a huge plus for me, as many fragrances make me dizzy. I do not regret buying this product! I just LOVE IT!

Laurence M.
amazing fragrance

I have been using this fragrance for years now, and it will always be one of my favorite scents. I absolutely love this product and will always repurchase it! I also have the lotion and body wash which are also amazing products to use along side the perfume.

Linda S.

It's a timeless fragrance! I've been using it for years. It was my first ever Ralph Lauren fragrance purchase and have been using it ever since! It's my go-to perfume. You can wear it day or night; fall, winter, spring, or summer! The scent lasts all day. It's a subtle sexy romantic scent. It's a must have!

Michelle D.

LOVED FOR YEARS!! Soft, feminine, flirty - truly Romantic, floral but not too flowery or too sweet, just gently sexy... sensual... I have bought this many times; it is still my absolute favorite scent! I wear whenever I want to feel sexy, and that is all the time! ;)

Andrea J.
LOVE <3 LOVE <3 LOVE this

I have bought this many times over it it one of my many favorites !!! I think I love it so much it will ALWAYS be in my coloection of Perfumes!! Although this has to be in my top 3 favorites, if your thinking about getting it do it do it do it , you be so happy its the best for sure!!!

My romance doesn't need a thing but you...

My favorite scent of ralph lauren's fragrance collection. It's classic and timeless. Perfect for a night stroll with the honey. A dab on the wrist to neck, cleavage and behind the knees and it'll last all night.

Kendall D.
Nice for those special events

I'm the kind of girl that prefers fun, flirty, fruity scents over more floral musky ones, but this one definitely changed my view on it. I don't use it everyday, but it is the perfect way to make that day when you feel like dressing up just a little bit better. It takes your day from feeling like "Ok, off to work to sit at a cubical" to feeling more like "Driver, prepare the Royce for a drive to my private office"... ok maybe that's a bit far but still :)