Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder

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Maya C.
Photo of product included with review by Maya C.

I love this more than words can describe. I was definitely wary of an orange blush, but it looks AMAZING on my skin, especially during the summer when I'm a little more tan. The gold is sparse enough that you don't necessary have to use it, but there's plenty if you do want it. It isn't just an overspray which I was very excited about. The gold and the orange blend very well together, it doesn't look like you just brushed gold glitter over orange blush. This is my favorite summer blush of all time, and I will be using it every summer until I run out (and cry). In the photo there's just the blush, just the gold, and the two colors mixed together (from left to right).

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Kayla T.

I love this however its sold out and impossible to get for under 30 dollars now. BUT, there is hope people! I Find that the HARD CANDY fox in a box blush in the color SKINNY DIPPING is a DUPE for this! :].

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Jacquelyn J.

My Paradise is so gorgeous!!! I love how it looks in the pan and the problem is that I have not used it on my cheeks yet and will one of these days. It's such a pretty color and love the Hibiscus design!

Brittany R.
perfect for a pop of color

I love to wear this blush when i dont have anything on my eyes but eyeliner & mascara bc it gives my fair skin a nice POP of color :) the blush tends to last a while. Great for summer!

Courtney D.
Blush of the Year (At least to me)

This is my all time favorite blush in my collection thus far! It's my go to blush for just about any look I do this summer. I actually went back to the M.A.C counter at my local Macy's and bought another one! I don't want to run out!

Nayeli L.

I just LOVE this collection I think is the best this year...although its not over and MAC has one coming out every month so we'll see...but My Paradise is gorgeous its the perfect orange with or with out the gold overlay.

Jenn G.

I've been wearing this color every day this week! Such a gorgeous color. Some people said the gold shimmer from the overlay might be overpowering so to be careful when you apply but, personally, I haven't even noticed the shimmer much once applied to my face. It mostly blends away, I even add MORE gold highlight on top of the blush. It's the perfect orange blush I've been looking for, as it pulls more orange/coral than pink or red (like Marine Life or Bite of an Apple). New favorite blush!

Amanda K.
great product.. if you can get your hands on it!

after some searching i finally snatched this.. it IS very pretty.. the coral is perfect, will warm up cooler skin tones and give a healthy glow to warmer skin.. but if you get it, make sure you like the colour underneath.. as beautiful as it is when blended with the gold overlay, the gold WILL disappear, so use it sparingly! that would be y only complaint.. but its so pretty just to have =]