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The St. Ives Timeless skin face wash is my favorite

The St. Ives Timeless skin face wash is my favorite. I use this and the moisturizer of the same name every night. It is abrasive enough to leave me feeling like i cleaned my face but not so harsh it hurts. The moisturizer feels a bit slick at first but dried nicely. I use the face wash in the mornings as well but not the moisturizer because i prefer one with a SPF and this doesn't have that.

Great product and priced reasonably.

I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of products tend to leave me with a burning sensation. This dose not!!! Not only does it feels great i find it works very well also. No oily feeling and no feeling of a mask when dried. Great product and priced reasonably.

not CG's best

I understand that a tinted moisturizer doesn't have much coverage. But this might as well just be a moisturizer and not a very good one. The only reason you could tell I had it one was the glossy look it gave my face. Even after it dried my face looked oily. I wouldn't complain as much if the price was lower or it was another brand. The price range is an average of $10 and for that amount I expect a little better product. I also expect a better product from cover girl because I tend to like their products.

Do I recommend it, yes! But not for daily use.

I like this product but not for everyday use. The coverage is great and this thick cream last a long time. This is my go to concealer for special occasions or night out, but not for everyday. I do find that with some foundation and powders is will crease and its hit or miss as to what combinations work and what ones don't. Do i recommend it, yes!

All the colors in this collection are great 'go to' colors.

I have seen the movies but I'm not a midnight showing fan. I usually wait to see them when they are available to rent. I am a fan of this collection. Big Fan. I Love the silver shatter, its one of those items you don't want to use because you don't want to run out.. ha ha. It only took one try for SS to become my fav fast manicure. All the colors in this collection are great 'go to' colors.

These cheep blushes are NOT cheaply made

I'll admit I was skeptical. These cheep blushes are NOT cheaply made. They work great. I got Tickled Pink for my daughter's dance recital, I figured I would be re applying her make up enough that a cheep blush would do. I was surprised to find I didn't need to re apply her blush. I was even more surprised that Tickled Pink came out lighter the it appears and is a very very close match for Nars Deep Throat (my fav blush). I haven't picked up any other colors yet, but I plan to next time I'm make up shopping.

Amazing brushes

Amazing brushes. I cant say anything bad about these brushes. They work great, clean nicely, dry well and are soft. Definitely worth the money. Great gift for young girls who are just getting into make up, but are just as nice for seasoned pros. (:

Love the product hate the packaging.

Love the product hate the packaging. This is a great primer and it works well i would say this and too faced are neck and neck. Too faced gets my vote b/c the packaging is way better. They do have primer in a tube if you can afford it but for those beauties on a budget you miss a lot of product in the hard curvy bottle. (tip: cut the bottle open to get about 2 weeks worth of product you cant reach with the applicator wand, but be careful not to hurt yourself)

When to wear tip: out of town trips or vacations. Wish they had these for toes :)

I have used these 3 times. I do like them a lot however, they don't last as long as they claim. Usually mine last about 5 days. I have shorter nails so i can make one strip cover 2 nails; I end up getting 2 full manicures out of one box so the price isn't so bad for two manis. Down side if you open the silver packs they will dry out so there is no saving them. When to wear tip: out of town trips or vacations. Wish they had these for toes :)

Worth the money.

I love INSTA-Dri by SH. I have about 7 colors and make a point to pick up a new one every week - 2 weeks (this week I'm getting the Lime one). Some colors are opaque in one coat and I have never need more then 2. Great for children's nails because they dry quick. Just be careful because the wand will drip if you do not wipe it off real well. And some of them will leave a tint on your nails if you don't base coat. Worth the money.

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