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Salon Effects


Erica  S.

I was very excited to try these because they are quick and easy however within the next day they managed to peel right off my nails. I have tried a variety of colors and patterns and even had friends try them and have the same thing happen. I don't feel like they were worth my money.

Kee kee W.
No time to dry
Photo of product included with review by Kee kee W.

I don't know what the fuss is about but I highly recommend this product! I'm a mother of 3 with not much time to polish my nails & sit to let them dry. With these you apply & go, no drying needed unless your applying a top coat for added shine.

Jackie A.

Not crazy about this product at all. And to start off they are a little pricey. I find that you can only get 2 days wear out of them before they start peeling off. But I do have to say they are easy to apply and they do have a lot of fun colors and designs.

Sarah T.
Lovvvvvve !!

I am in love with this ! I don't know why people dislike it so much to be honest , it's so easy to apply and unlike nail polish you haven't got to wait for it to dry and worry about smudging, mine lasted a week before it started chipping! Anyone who struggled doing these probably struggles painting there own nails so if you can paint your nails yourself then you will nail it ! I would definitely buy this again :)

Lily A.
Very time consuming

These took we me a long time to get right, and were at points really frustrating! However, once they one on, i loved them! They stayed on for a long time and didn't damage my nails underneath at all.

Angela W.
What the heck?

This was like Special Olympics of nail application. Total fail. I consider myself pretty product-savvy... yet I was so awkward with this product... it barely resembled nail polish when I was done!

I ended up throwing half of them away and donating the other box I bought to Goodwill!

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Ann D.
Fun and colorful.

These are fun, easy to use and so colorful! Love the prints!!! Makes nail art easy. They are a little pricey but last for over a week and I'm very hard on my nails with work so I was pleased with them. The shape made need trimming. Not all nails are the same out there. I recommend at least a base coat so when you remove them, they don't damage your nails.

Jenny C.
Not quick to put on, but great results

It was very fun to have flowery fingers for over a week! It wasn't that easy to apply, but at least it's not as smelly as regular nail polish is and they give you extras in case of mess-ups. If you have some stickers left over at the end you may be able to keep them, but the ones I had weren't sticky after leaving them out in open air for a day - maybe would work in a ziplock.

Amanda Q.

The pre-cut shapes didn't really work with my nail shapes and it was a bit of a mess trying to place them on my nails without the sticker crumpling around the nail bend. Also im not ambidextrous so using my left hand to place it on my right hand was super difficult! Eventually I got them on my nails looking somewhat ok but they start to peel off pretty quickly. Better to stick to nail polish / gel nails ladies!

Xiomara R.

I actually just wrote a post on my blog about this product...again! I love this product so much! It's super easy to use and has lasted at least 7 days each time I've applied. It's great that they have so many new prints and colors now. This product definitely lasts longer than a regular mani at the nail shop.