Pirates of the Caribbean Nail Polish Collection


KrizzTina M.
Sparrow Me The Drama

This is the cutest pink i own. I love love love the color in contrast with other polishes i pair it with on my nails. Since im not a fan of pink this is really cool and i think everyone should get at least one color from this collection.

jen s.
Mermaid's tears

I was really excited for this collection! I immediately fell in love with OPI's Mermaids Tears and the silver shatter. I regret not picking up skull and glossbones because it looks so beautiful. Mermaid's tears is a gorgeous gray-green polish that glides on your fingernails. Great color which lasts for a significant amount of time

Holly B.
silver statter...

i have only tried the ssilver shatter and it is really good, i find that if you apply a thin coat it cracks loads better, but my friends doesnt crack as well, i dont no if this is just hers or there are others like it! but the effect is really cool. but i think it is a bit pricey!!

Jasmine G.

I think the colors complement the whole "pirates" and "Caribbean" theme well I have this in mermaid's tears and skull and glossbones. I got mermaid's tears because I've been looking for a seafoamy green color and I liked the name (lol) this is as close as I've gotten. Skull and glossbones is just a nice shade of gray, like a "candy pastel" neutral grey that goes grrrreat under some black shatter polish! Try it!

Gabriela F.
Lovely colors, but where did the glitters go?

I picked up a few of the polishes from this collection: Mermaid Tears, Skull & Glossbones, Planks a lot and Sparrow me the Drama. All of them are nice colors, but when I think of the movie..... I don't see why OPI didn't add some type of glitters or even shimmers??? yes the silver shatter was promoted with the collection, but I was really hopping for more glitz with the collection. So to compensate my lack of glitter, I would use some of my other glitter polishes over them to make them more "piratey" for me :)

Kalyn A.
Love Mermaid's Tears

I have the color "Mermaid's Tears" and it's an absolutely gorgeous color. It's extremely unique and goes on completely opaque after two coats. Like all OPI polishes, it also lasts at least a week before seriously chipping. Beautiful.

Raya Z.

I have Skull & Bones, Mermaid Tears, and the silver shatter. They are gorgeous I have gotten so many compliments! I swapped out my Alpine Snow for Skull & Bones last time I did french and it looked good, it added a little something subtle but charming to my tips.

Denisha P.

I own Mermaid's Tears from this collection and love it. It was such a beautiful color and one of the most unique. I find that OPI generally has a lot of pinks and purples, so I gravitated away from the colors that I felt could be duped and went for Mermaid's Tears. With two coats it was perfectly opaque and my manicure was perfect for about a week. Love!

Greta F.
Beautiful colors

I have Mermaids Tears of this collection, which is a pretty aqua-blue-green color (haha). It took about two coats to be opaque, but I still found some streaking and could see the tip of my nail through just barely. I love POTC which is why I probably love the colors in this collection, but some of the colors just aren't unique, mainly the pastel ones. All of the colors that I've seen look more murky and piratey then what you would expect.

Carly A.

I LOVE this collection! I think that they are all very pretty and perfect for the Spring and Summer. OPI is also my favorite nail polish brand! You can't go wrong with any of the colors!