5-Piece Mineral Brush Set

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Jaime C.
Will never even look at another line of brushes again

LOVE THESE SO MUCH! I love the bamboo, and eco-consciousness behind the line. The brushes are so soft and so gorgeous, I will never use another line of brushes again. Picked these up from my local Ulta and I'm so pleased! My favorites are the blend, crease, and large powder brushes. Will keep these forever (I try to wash them at least once a week).

Kate B.

they are one of the world's best inventions ever! soft, easy to clean and yet it really does the work very well... they now have other brush sizes and variety. affordable, durable and a great gift idea for your girlfriends :D

Stephanie L.

i love these brushes! like every other reviewer has said, they are insanely soft. i especially love the mini kabuki brush - it's great for applying a really thin, sheer layer of powder. i had a powder foundation that was just a smidgen too dark for me, and when i used it with the brush it came with, it always came out caked-on and orange looking. with the ecotools brush i can get a much thinner layer of makeup and it looks much more natural! saved me from having to buy a new foundation!

Elizabeth B.

super soft and fluffy great brushes and perfect for travel theyre so tiny but so worth it and way less exspensive then other brushes : ) i would definatly recamend them for any makeup person beginer or guru

Poppy T.
My First Brushes!

My mom got these for me on Christmas and as soon as I felt how soft they were, I literally screamed. Which is kind of weird but they were the softest brushes I've ever felt before!!! I only use ecotools now, not only because they have soft brushes but also because it's "Green" and animal cruelty free. Amazing brushes! Also very affordable, can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, & Online.

Jenna G.

This was my first brush set ever, I have had them for over five years and they still work amazing. The Kabuki brush fell apart but all of the others are great, can't beat that considering i paid no more then $15 for all of them. I love the shadow blending brush

Bree C.
Amazing brushes

Amazing brushes. I cant say anything bad about these brushes. They work great, clean nicely, dry well and are soft. Definitely worth the money. Great gift for young girls who are just getting into make up, but are just as nice for seasoned pros. (:

Jessenia I.

I couldn't believe how soft these brushes were! I use the powder brush daily to apply foundation. Neither of the brushes have ever shed. Plus, you get 4 brushes for under $10.00. You can't go wrong!

Kristen I.

I have this set, and really want another just to have back ups. They are so soft, and that blending brush? MY FAVORITE BRUSH EVER! I wish they were a bit bigger, but I can deal :)

Janette R.

One absolutely great thing about these brushes? So SOFT! The shadow brushes may be a bit too soft for my liking but the kabuki and blush brush are perfect for my sensitive skin.