Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisture


Melanie S.
Best for drier skin types

This product brings me back. This was the first "foundation" I used when I started wearing makeup (other than stage makeup). It moisturizes, evens out your skin tone, and stays all day. If you're looking for real coverage, I would not recommend this. This, like most tinted moisturizers, does not cover imperfections. It is great at brightening and evening out skintone, though. All-in-all a great product! I love how natural it looks on my skin.

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Carina S.
amazing for low coverage and summer!

personally, i dont need much coverage when it comes to face, other than concealer. i really wanted to try out an affordable tinted moisturizer, so i got this! it retails for around $5, which is amazing for what this product is. it gives enough coverage to even out my skintone and complexion, and enough moisture to last the day. it only comes in three shades, but they are somehow really good, as in i would see them working for many skintones. it stays on your face too, evrn in the summer months. i love it:)

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Donna P.
Nice, clean, natural

This is a really nice tinted moisturiser, it does not give a huge amount of colour, but it does even out your skin tone. This may have worked well for me because I have extremely fair skin.

Additonally it has an SPF which is really important for me, as my skin burns very easily.

I use this product when I dont feel like wearing a foundation. i then use concealer under my eyes and set it with a light dusting of powder

Korie S.

I think the Covergirl line was on sale at my local drugstore so I figure I'd give this a try. I heard good reviews on this product so I was hoping for good results. However for me, it was the opposite. I did look natural looking on my skin but around an hour or so went by, I looked so oily. Gross! It just wasn't suited for my skin type. Next time I just have to look for an oil free product to prevent the extra shine.

Bree C.
not CG's best

I understand that a tinted moisturizer doesn't have much coverage. But this might as well just be a moisturizer and not a very good one. The only reason you could tell I had it one was the glossy look it gave my face. Even after it dried my face looked oily. I wouldn't complain as much if the price was lower or it was another brand. The price range is an average of $10 and for that amount I expect a little better product. I also expect a better product from cover girl because I tend to like their products.

Amanda W.

This was a good moisturizer but it gave me almost no color pay off. now i wasn't expecting it to cover all my blemishes, after all it is only a tinted moisturizer, but i did expect a little hint of color to maybe even out my face, but I could hardly see anything.