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I miss their HiP Gel Liner

I first used L'Oreal's HiP gel liners as my very first gel liner ever and I loved it. It was the solution I was looking for with eyeliner. When they came out with the Infalliable one I was sure it wouldn't waver from their original product and after reading such rave reviews about it, I had to be right.

Unfortunately I was wrong. As it is a beautifully creamy product that glides on your lid with ease, it also glides off with the same ease if you don't set it. I prime my eyes with Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I even go out further to account for my winged liner. I found the first time I wore this without setting it with black eyeshadow, I lost all the preciseness and pigment I first applied with. HOWEVER do note I do tend to lose make up mid-day in the corners of my eyes from watering eyes. The only reason I rate this average with having that problem is because their HiP liner never budged. The only reason I stopped buying it was that it dried out before I could finish it and didn't like wasting $12.

Would I buy the Infalliable again? Probably only if I had no other choice. Maybe I'll play around with it and see if I can get it to stay longer. All in all, this product has average staying power but the pigment is is rich and application is smooth.


This mascara used to be my favorite. I stopped using it because I really wanted to switch to waterproof only and I didn't like their waterproof formula. This is still a great non-waterproof mascara. It's volumizing and you can easily comb out clumps and keep coating. I like my lashes to look full and thick and this does the trick after a few applications. I highly recommend this one for a budget mascara.

Not bad, but wouldn't buy again.

I bought this when my luggage was lost and I had no makeup. The store I went to didn't have my regular mascara at the time (Rimmel Glam Eyes) so I grabbed this one to try. It was ok but far too un-waterproofed. My eye would water slightly and it would be all over the place. Also the wand is huge and I at first it was ok to use but it just got bulky and annoying.


This is my go to shadow palette. I usually mix Sexspresso and Velvet Revolver to fill my brows with the angled brush it came with (which is perfect!). And Heaven is my go to matte highlighting color. All the other colors are so pretty and perfect for every day wear. The pigments are rich and suit every skin tone. I love, love, love this palette!

Certainly does cover, but...

I just picked up this product and it certainly does cover everything! It's a very thick formula and hides everything. A VERY little goes a long way. You only need to dab it. However my only complaints are it's too greasy for any already oily prone areas of my face. Also it looks heavy if you don't blend it well. I suggest putting this on first and then your foundation. Over all VERY good for its price and will be my go-to concealer from now on.

Does what it says!

Maybelline has been disappointing me lately with it's Colossal and Falsies mascaras. I did not understand the hype at ALL. So when I came across this one I was very weary to try it, but I'm VERY glad I did.

I bought this looking for a non-flaking mascara and this does just that! The new gel-mousse formula lives up to its rep in this mascara. Also once it's dried it's still buildable and does NOT clump. I can't say about how it holds curls because I don't curl my lashes often.

So to some up -

Pros- Non-flaking, clump free, gives volume Cons- I haven't found one yet.

I buy a new mascara just about every time I'm ready to purchase one (unless I don't have the money to mess around). However this one will definitely be added to my "buy again" list.

Works just like a cream liner!

So I after hearing lots of awesome things about this pencil (specifically in "Milk") I had to try it out! I've been looking for a white eye liner that worked well and was wallet friendly still. This is it! I use this like a stick cream liner, dipping a small eyeliner brush in it and using it that way. The formula is creamy enough to do so and once packed with a light/white shadow, it lasts all day. ALSO works GREAT as a primer to make brighter or pastel colors pop for those who like to have fun with their makeup. I've also seen people take it apart and melt it into a jar to use it like a liquid liner. I haven't done this but I'm very interested in trying it out.

Only con isn't with the pencil itself, more with the company and that they don't sell in many stores in the US. However I recently moved to Canada and they sell NYX in just about every Rexalls (which also means you pay Canadian prices *downer*).

Good but wouldn't use it again.

Pros to this foundation are the price and the coverage (covers so well you could use it as a concealer). However the cons, which were bigger for me, is if you have combination skin it accentuates those areas greatly. Meaning if you have oily skin it makes it more oily. If you have dry it shows. Also it didn't last as long as it says on me because I'm blotting the oil all day (even with their Stay Matte pressed face powder on). If you have oily skin I would stay away or make sure you use a good face primer before hand. The coverage alone is almost worth buying it again.

Also another small con is the color range, however I managed to find one that matched me, but I know their range could be hard for others.

Glad I only paid $5 for it!

I love Urban Decay, but this mascara is a huge miss. I got it recently on their site for $5 and I'm glad that's all I paid for it. I truly feel bad for those who have tried this at full price ($20!) because it definitely isn't worth the money.

The formula is light, too light. It's not very buildable and doesn't do anything it says, no length, no volume. I'd save your money and buy a drugstore brand or put your $20 towards some UD eyeshadow instead.

Lip color without the hassle of lipstick!

I just got this today and have been wearing it for hours around the house and I LOVE IT! It's affordable, goes on glossy/balmy and when it fades the color stays so you can either reapply or use another balm/gloss over it. I love it! I'm going to buy more for sure! Also the color I purchased, Sweetheart, is true to color. It is a lovely bright pink. I don't wear lip products much because I'm very picky and too lazy for reapplication but since the color stays on even after the balm fades, it's pretty low maintenance. I recommend it for girls who like lip color but not the hassle of lipstick.

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