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Good quality, just clumps over time.

My wife bought this and while the quality is amazing, I noticed after a while the formula began to clump and get thick. I do like the felt tip applicator. It goes on smooth and easily controllable. The only other con is price but that's mostly because I have a very low budget for makeup shopping. If $18 is in your range then you're in luck!

Love it!

I have greasy lids and for the longest time I didn't know about priming. Urban Decay's Primer Potion is the first and last I've ever had to use. My first lasted me a little over a year and I'm on my second now. The only con for me is the price because I don't have a huge budget for makeup splurges, but this is one I will always find money for. Well worth every penny. It makes your eyelids matte, yet silky. Eyeshadow spreads and blends easily and, best of all, it lasts all day (or longer!).


I used this after over bleaching my hair and it helped get it soft again. You do have to leave it on longer than it says if you have really dry, thick hair (I left it on for 20 minutes). It smells fantastic and your hair does make a huge improvement. I used it every wash (every other day) until I discovered something better for my hair. If you're in a jam and can't splurge, this is probably one of the best you can get for your money.

Very Pretty

This is such a pretty, girly scent. I've yet to own my own bottle but hope to soon. I've loved this perfume since the first time it came out. The smell never gets old to me. I highly recommend it for people looking for a light flowery, girly scent.

Love it!

I very much like this product! I was skeptical at first because the brush is smaller than I'm used to for a volumizer, but it does the trick just fine! In fact, not only does this mascara volumize, it lengthens. I LOVE it! I was weary about trying another Rimmel brand mascara because I didn't like the Sexy Curves Mascara and their old Volumizing Mousse Mascara (not sure they sell it anymore). I hate both of them, however I heard Michelle Phan on YouTube raving about this one and I had to try it. Very glad I did.

Nice and refreshing

I love this face scrub for the simple fact of how refreshing it makes my skin feel. I have fair skin so using a scrub a lot makes my face very red, this one doesn't do that so much. It still happens but I noticed with more use the less my face is red. It does tend to dry my skin out a bit, but I think that's just rubbing it on too harshly. Anyways, a great cheap alternative if you need something in a pinch.

Not my favorite, but it does the job.

I used to love another moisturizer by Neutrogena and I can't seem to ever remember the name of it, I just know they discontinued it. Anyways, I bought this one to give it a go and I don't hate it. It's a bit to thick for my oil spots and not thick enough for my dry spots, so I'm not sure how well the labeling is on this product. So I've got in the habit of using this after my night time shower so I sleep with it on. That seems to work out best for me. Until I find another moisturizer in my price range, that is.

Just... no...

This mascara is awful. The formula is too wet, the brush is annoying and nothing about it is 'defining'. Pretty sure any mascara is better than this one. I'm not really a huge fan of the rubber brushes as it is but this one is in no way life changing.

Definitely waterproof.

Could barely get it off. Which is all good and fine except it was hard to get off with my cleanser too. You do get long lashes though! So if you like very waterproof, long lashes this mascara is for you.

I loved this! With one hard downfall.

I used to LOVE this mascara! It's great for layering and bringing up all your lashes so you get a really full look. I would wear it when I wanted to make my eyelashes pop. The only huge downfall is that it dries up so quickly. I got maybe a month's use out of it when I usually get up to 3 months or more with other mascaras. It was disappointing. I bought it maybe 3 times until I just couldn't anymore. However if you would rather wear mascara instead of false lashes and want that sexy full look then get this! Even if for one night it's worth it. I just wouldn't use this as your every day mascara.

Also a tip! Rotating this wand while applying is key! And don't forget to wiggle! You CAN get the huge full effect with this mascara.

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