Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain


Tia N.
These are amazing.

At the moment I only have one shade, but I love it. It stays on my lips for a long period of time and it is very good quality. I hope to get more in the future!

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Kate L.

This is my go-to lip product. It's a sweet fuchsia color that can be patted on for a summery flush or layered twice for all-day, full-on color that would look great on any skintone. I wore this to a summer wedding with a Southern menu and only had to reapply once through probably 5 hours of drinks, greasy food, kisses, and sweat. I don't find it to be drying at all, and it fades very naturally so that you don't have any weird spots or lines. The gloss does fade quickly, but that's fine by me.

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Ashley D.
Lip color without the hassle of lipstick!

I just got this today and have been wearing it for hours around the house and I LOVE IT! It's affordable, goes on glossy/balmy and when it fades the color stays so you can either reapply or use another balm/gloss over it. I love it! I'm going to buy more for sure! Also the color I purchased, Sweetheart, is true to color. It is a lovely bright pink. I don't wear lip products much because I'm very picky and too lazy for reapplication but since the color stays on even after the balm fades, it's pretty low maintenance. I recommend it for girls who like lip color but not the hassle of lipstick.

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Kaitlin J.
Beautiful color, moisturizing.

At first when I picked up this product I was excited. I was tired of stains that either dried my lips, cracked or peeled off. The packaging color and the actual stick inside are way lighter than the product you are putting on your lips. On me it was a darker pink, which I was fine with but I expected something a little lighter. It is totally moisturizing, it goes on just like a lip balm and felt like a lip balm the whole day I wore it, which was great. It also has a very light smell of mint, almost like a chocolate mint which I really liked also. I also love how you twist it up for more product instead of having to sharpen it! The bad things about this lip balm stain was that there isn't a lot of product, it's only half the size of the tube it comes in and it seemed to fade pretty quickly on my upper lip so I was having to reapply this quite often it seemed. Other than that I totally recommend it.

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Lilly A.
One of my favorites

I bought this one after my NYC lip stain, and story short I hated that one. I loved this a lot, and it stayed on for so long. I noticed however it dries way too dark on my lips, and it fades away quickly when you active. I still like this product though, and I will purchase it in a lighter color. I would recommend this product to someone who doesn't mind the color darkening.