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Big Fatty Mascara

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Erin G.

I'm a bit obsessed with lashes so when a friend recommended I try this mascara, I did. I was not disappointed! It goes on evenly and smoothly and leaves my lashes jet black & defined. I have thin, blonde eyelashes and usually have to use a ton of mascara (I'm one of those girls that uses 3 or 4 diff mascaras) for them to be noticeable. However, one coat of this mascara and I'm done!

N R.

Really like this mascara. Lengthens and doesn't dry out my lashes. Great back colour and goes on easy no clumping or flaking. Buildable. Cute packaging. Switched from Lancome star which was my HG mascara. Affordable at $20

Tanya H.

Wet formula that lengthens 100x better than any other drugstore mascara ive ever tried. Volumizes too, but the heaviness of the formula counteracts the volume given. Be sure to already have curled lashes too. I say try it, no harm. Return it if you dont like it but im sure you will

Kitty K.
Good mascara for volume and length.

To begin with, it did not set my eyeballs on fire and I have no idea why others have. I have both a sample size and one I bought, that sounds like something with the manufacturer not the actual mascara. To begin with, it does great for volume and length. This is if you know how to use mascara to the full potential it has to offer. ( Wiggle, brush over, brush under. Wiggle wiggle some more. ) It is great at creating volume, however not exactly the best. I prefer Estee Lauders Scrumptious Maximum Volume Mascara ( It creates some pretty intense black volume ) which is the same price as this mascara.. For length it does okay, but like I say... to create the longest lashes ever all you need to do is take a lash comb and apply mascara using a lash comb. Overall, good product but not a HG product.

Anjelikah V.

this is the only product I can say has Disappointed me. This mascara sets my eyeballs on FIRE not kidding. I've never had this issue but I bought on sale for $5 thank god cause its not worth $20! if UD can fix the burning sensation this causes Im sure I could use it

Jessi P.
Why does it hurt?!

So I've never had a problem with mascara making my eyes hurt or water unless I literally touch my eyeball with it on accident...but this stuff makes both those things happen if I use it too close to the roots of my lashes, no stabbing my eyeball required. It's so bizarre and it sucks! Glad I only paid $5 when it was on clearance...I'll stick to my drugstore brand mascaras.

Amanda W.

When I first saw the applicator I was in love because of how wide and thick it is, but that quickly wore off. Because the wand is so large it's hard to get all along your lash line. I think it's better to get a mascara you really love and just apply a few coats. I must say though, the actual mascara itself was of good quality and didnt clump or flake off at all, and it's the only UD mascara I've ever owned so I have no clue if their other mascaras are of the same quality.

Katie L.
Great Volume, Better Packing Please?

This is my first time trying the Big Fatty mascara by Urban Decay so I have no previous experience with the old formula. When I pulled the wand out to apply, I was disappointed in the tube used to house the mascara and the wand. The wand was overloaded with product and I had to wipe it off and felt that in doing so I lost a lot of the product. It ended up all over my fingers, too. Very messy, the packaging could be better. I will say, though, that the more defined bristles and the denser wand does making building up your lashes much easier. The formula boosts your lashes giving them a lot of volume and thickness while adding some length. Because you can build up your coverage, you can stop when your lashes as just right without going too far overboard. I do like the wand and the way the formula applies. I love the look of my lashes and the coverage. Not too thick so that I look like my naturally curly and thick lashes are spider legs. It does give my lashes length and it's a clean applying formula. Other than the feeling that the tube could be better so that there isn't so much product lost, the formula itself is great. Will be using it more often when I want those well defined full lashes.

Chalaine M.
Fat Chance

Fat chance I will ever buy this again. The tube dried out super fast and my lashes looked far from luscious. I made the mistake of falling for cute packaging...

Ashley D.
Glad I only paid $5 for it!

I love Urban Decay, but this mascara is a huge miss. I got it recently on their site for $5 and I'm glad that's all I paid for it. I truly feel bad for those who have tried this at full price ($20!) because it definitely isn't worth the money.

The formula is light, too light. It's not very buildable and doesn't do anything it says, no length, no volume. I'd save your money and buy a drugstore brand or put your $20 towards some UD eyeshadow instead.