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Nothing Special

I wanted to like this as I read so many good reviews. Maybe it's my lashes, but it didn't do anything different for me. I get better results with my Cover Girl Lash Blast.

Lasts LONG!

I put the orange one on my toes and it was there for a while. I don't do my toes often so usually whatever's on there stays there for months or until it comes off. All my toes still had polish on them after 2 months. (Not much on the little toes but probably due to growth. The big toes however, were still covered!)

Bristles hurt!

I got this a while ago and hated the brush! It hurt so much. The bristles are sharp and kept scratching my upper water line and wasn't even worth it. It didn't do anything for me that another mascara couldn't do better.


I use this for the summer. After I moisturize, I lightly dust this over and then put on my Physician's Formula Bamboo Bronzer. It's great if you want to take away the shine and cover up some minor complexion flaws. I like transparent. Also used this for a fashion show on the models, it took the shine right out and couldn't tell they had any kind of powder on.

Nice colors, iffy application

I love all the colors they put out for this line. However when I went to use it for the first time it was kind of clumpy even after shaking awhile. Finally towards the end it let up a but and smoothed out but that was for about 3 nails. Also didn't dry as fast as I had hoped it would. Still, not that bad for $4.99 at Target. I got Peachy as a substitute for Essie's Tart Decor ($7.59). It's a close match but you might want to spend the extra money.

Great color, great application!

I love nail polish of all brands, I've used Revlon since I first started wearing nail polish when I was 10. They last long, aren't translucent, and can be applied easily.


I LOVE these! You get your money's worth (ONLY $1!). For a cheap brand they have a lot of pigment and blend nicely. I'm so glad I found a store that sells these around here.

Great for Beginners/Non Dramatic Eyes

These are low pigmented so they work well for people who don't want too much color on their eyes. You get subtle color that can be worn from day to night. I say they are good for beginners because they give you enough to play with and if you mess up it's unnoticeable. I've used these pretty much since I was a teenager and still love them. They do have a lot of shimmer though, so I don't recommend them if you like a more matte look.

I got this with high hopes, maybe too high. While it does go on nicely and works well, it's downside is it burns your eyes when they water. If you get the slightest bit in your eye it will burn. If you have sensitive eyes I don't recommend this product.

Lasts and Cheap

These last a long time one provided you use a base and top coat. I love the wider wands and almost can't go back to the smaller wands now. They come in many colors and I love almost all of them and have almost half. Great product.

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