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Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation


Karli B.
Porcelain & ivory.

I use porcelain sometimes when I'm not as tan and I also mix the two if I want perfect skin color. It covers amazingly and it isn't too expensive either! Very affordable. Great coverage and not too cakey. It can make you look a little shiny in your T-zone towards the end of the day so you will need to touch it up with powder at least once or twice. Other than that, it's one of my favorites!

DesigningBeauty S.

Sorry I never used this one I have the 25hrs one! I never see this one in my contry. Disculpen nunca e utilizado esta solo la de 25hrs. Nunca e visto esta en mi pa?s.

DesigningBeauty S.
True Ivory

May be not 25hrs but yes 20hrs with it on. Its a cheap wonderful product. Puede que no dure 25hrs pero si puede durar 20hrs al menos en este clima tropical (P.R.) donde se suda mucho. Es un producto economico que vale la pena.

Anery P.
good one!

i gave this a try since others were breaking me out vry badly!...but this little din't affected in any way!..i was amazed at it...but later i found i had a darker shade!...n der was none available for my shade so had to discontinue it!

Ashley D.
Good but wouldn't use it again.

Pros to this foundation are the price and the coverage (covers so well you could use it as a concealer). However the cons, which were bigger for me, is if you have combination skin it accentuates those areas greatly. Meaning if you have oily skin it makes it more oily. If you have dry it shows. Also it didn't last as long as it says on me because I'm blotting the oil all day (even with their Stay Matte pressed face powder on). If you have oily skin I would stay away or make sure you use a good face primer before hand. The coverage alone is almost worth buying it again.

Also another small con is the color range, however I managed to find one that matched me, but I know their range could be hard for others.

Holly D.
Brilliant Product!

I love this foundation I found it about a year ago and I wont wear anything else the coverage it has is brilliant and you can tone it down with a moisturiser to almost a tinted foundation or build it up to a really good coverage it will cover everything from acne scars, redness on the face to darkness under the eye.... everything!!! I have noting but good feed back for this product I give it 5/5 most definitely! :)

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Huda A.
Good 4 it's price

This is not a bad foundation. it will do the job. the color range is very limited though, & the 1 close my skin color is still very dark. take care because it could look orangy :S still, smooth when applying it, & with a good powder, it will stay on for quite some time

Andrea F.
Good, cheap foundation!

Very good value! It's cheap, gives a nice full coverage and lasts well! It's not amazing on the skin. If you use too much it definitely gets cakey looking. But I usually add a little of a moisturizer to it prior to application and it looks very nice! I'd say get it. It's very good for its price!!

Jess Y.

I have the 25 hour one, but I'm sure it's almost the same, so here we go, onto the review. I really do love this foundation. It gives amazing coverage without feeling like you have too much on your skin, it's bendable, smooth, and it stays. I've been putting on my foundations without a primer for the longest time just because I'm lazy and I don't have that much time in the morning. Even without a primer, this stays, and looks pretty good throughout the day. But of course, it does not last 25 hours for obvious reasons. I would re-purchase this over and over again because it is pretty cheap and totally worth it.

Yu A.
Would like it if I had drier skin.

The coverage is excellent, a little goes a long way, consistency is smooth, blendable and it does last for quite a while (not sure if it's 16hours). However, I have combination skin and not only my t-zone but also my cheeks which are usually normal to dry get quite shiny during the day. So.. I'd only use it when my skin is dry or if I use it with mattifying lotions. That being said, it photographs very well, strangely! Also, the price is brilliant, so I wouldn't rebuy but I'm not throwing mine out either. This product is best applied with a dense brush like the Sigmax brushes - sponges eat it up and you don't use enough to really use a duo-fiber brush with!

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