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Of all the paraben free mascaras I love this one! It definitely provides amazing volumeee more so than length. I purchased a Buxom best seller kit and a sample mascara was included and I reach for this mascara more often than other mascaras since I bought it! :)

Everyday friendly!

I absolutely adore this trio! They can be used dry or wet. I prefer to just use it dry. The trio is perfect for someone who likes the natural neutral look. I'm an NC30 and the color doesn't show up too well on my darker skin, but it definitely will when wet. Physicians Formula cost a bit more than some other drugstore brands, but when CVS has their 50%-75% clearance definitely go out and get it. I remember purchasing mine dirt cheap during one of those clearances. :)

Here&#39;s a video on the CVS sale: <a href=';feature=channel_video_title' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>


I absolutely love this product! Here is my extensive review: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

What is Cure Natural Aqua Gel? Cure is a natural gentle facial exfoliating gel that removes dead skin cells. It is made of hydrogen water, plant extracts, aloe vera, gingko and rosemary.

HOW TO USE CURE NATURAL AQUA GEL? On clean washed skin apply a small pump of Cure on to desired skin. Leave the product for approximately 30 seconds to allow the product to activate. After 30 seconds rub the gel with fingers in a circular motion. You will notice skin clumping, that is your dead skin cells. After exfoliating wash away product, pat dry and continue your regular skincare regimen.

PROS: Cure is very gentle and does not require abrasive beads to exfoliate skin. Dead skin cells are gently removed. The product is made without preservatives. Product does not make my skin turn red after exfoliating. My skin feels really soft after using this product. After exfoliating the product provides a radiant glow. Product does not thin skin or tear skin such as some facial exfoliants.

CONS: *Price $40-$50, quite expensive. *Difficult to find in the U.S.


I love this perfume! It smells so clean and feminine! This is my go to fragrance for any occasion. The scent is long lasting and lingers all day! Take a sniff and you might like it too! :)


I received the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in the Beautylish gift bag from the Spring Trends LA event. I tried it immediately and here at my thoughts:

PROS: * The tiny brush is absolutely perfect for bottom lashes, it reaches the smallest lashes! * The formula is not too thick, which is ideal for short small bottom lashes. * The product doesn&#39;t smudge off or run. * It&#39;s great to use for the top lashes too, usually the lashes at the inner corners. *

CONS: * Price. * Using this product mean you have to use one additional product as opposed to just one mascara.

FINAL THOUGHTS: When I run out I&#39;m definitely getting more! It&#39;s really defines your lower lashes your eyes will pop! Definitely a must try!


I&#39;ve heard such RAVES about this product, but after using this product for months here are my thoughts.

PROS: *This product is wonderful for individuals who have amazing skin and need a little coverage. * The compact is easy and convenient. * Amazing matte finish, no oily shiny face ever when using this powder. * Replaces setting powder and foundation, this is a two in one product!

CONS: *Not good for dry skin because I find this product even shows up the dryness of one&#39;s skin even more. * Not the best coverage for someone with acne prone skin such as myself. * Pricey product! * Not too many color selections.

FINAL THOUGHTS: * Maybe when my skin improves this might work for me, but as of now I need a product with more coverage. This does not suit my dry skin.


PROS: *Pigmented eyeshadows that glide on eyelids smoothly! *Simple see-through packaging. *Large array of color selection.

CONS: * Price. I think it could be cheaper, but this is how I feel about all makeup. LOL!

FINAL THOUGHTS: Love it and will repurchase!


PROS: * Long lasting! * No touch ups needed. * Matte finish. * Inexpensive and easily accessible at many drugstores! * Oil-free will not cause break outs. * Incredibly coverage! Hides my acne scars very well!

CONS: * I don&#39;t have a shade that really matches my skin tone. I wish they had a larger array of colors for those with yellow undertones. * This foundation dries quickly so you have to work fast when applying the foundation.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I ended up not using this product though I like it. I just can&#39;t find a shade that matches my skin and finding the right shade is very important.

Any of you gals a MAC NC30, if so what shade do you use?


I absolutely love this brush and here&#39;s why: PROS: * This is the SOFTEST brush I have ever used! * I love the inexpensive price of all ELF products. * This brush can be used for multiple ways. I use it to apply setting powder, mineral powder, highlight and sometimes I use it to apply blush.

CONS: *When washing the brush after about 5 washes the glue weakens and the brush fell off the base, but it&#39;s okay, it was only $3.00!


I absolutely love this ELF Contouring Blush &amp; Bronzer powder! PROS: *Ridiculously affordable at only $3.00 and even less when ELF has their amazing 50-75% off sales! * The blush color compliments so many skin tones! * The blush shade practically goes with soo many looks--an everyday wear!

CONS: *I don&#39;t use the bronzer because I prefer bronzers that are matte, but the blush color alone is worth it!!!

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