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Cute packaging & Moisturizing!

The EOS lipbalms are absolutely ADORABLE packaging! I think this is why us girls went gaga over this product. I find the scent to be very light and I like how moisturizing it is on the lips. The only problem I have is that although the packaging of this product is CUTE CUTE CUTE it is sometimes impractical because I can't fit it into my pocket, it takes lots of space in my purse, it is bulky and the leftover lip balm in the bottom has to be scraped with your finger.

Sweet smelling!

I was at a Nordstrom Rack and saw a couple of ladies sniffing this perfume. Nosy as I was when they left I gave it a sniff myself and it smelled AMAZING! It smells really sweet like baked goods. It is a youthful scent that I don't wear on a regular basis but sometimes when I am in the mood for something sweet smelling I wear this and it reminds me of the smell of baking cupcakes!

Gorgeous color and affordable!

I absolutely love the blush color! I think the color looks phenomenal on all skin tones. It looks as if you are naturally blushing as opposed to an artificial color. For only $3 this is unbeatable! BUT I did notice you might have to get a little heavy handed to really see some color. Overall I will repurchase over and over again!


Wow, these Skyn eye gels are phenomenal! I usually buy the 8 pack and use it sparingly because they are rather pricey. For a special day I apply the eye gel under my eyes before I apply makeup and it makes my eyes look less tired and it's so relaxing. I've tried quite a few eye gels, but I keep returning to these. My face is extremely sensitive and these eye gels do not cause any irritation at all. I'm pretty much addicted to these! This is definitely a must try!

So gentle!

This foaming cleanser is so gentle on the skin. It cleanses the face, yet it doesn't dry out the skin. It is free of harsh unnecessary chemicals and has a light floral fragrant to it that is barely noticeable. I absolutely adore it! I bring a smaller sized one for traveling.


I am IN LOVE with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir! On a hot day I spritz my face and it quickly cools me off. I love that the mist is really fine and sprays out evenly. When sprayed onto the face after a few seconds there's a cool tingly feeling on the face, it feels great. Along with my regular skincare regimen I use this on a regular basis. I love this so much I have a full size and a travel size. The only downfall is I think this product is overpriced.

Helps fade acne scars!

Although this product is rather pricey I believe it is absolutely worth it. This natural product is free of harsh chemicals, yet it works effectively at fading away acne scars. I absolutely love the way this product smells, like a light whiff of flowers. The product absorbs into the skin quickly and can be used before moisturizer. It took more than a month for me to me to notice the fading acne scars, but it works nonetheless. I will continue to purchase this product!


This is the BEST flat top kabuki brush I have ever used! It applies liquid and mineral foundation flawlessly and creates an airbrush illusion on the skin. If you have not tried a single Sigma brush, this one will impress you. :)

Best color selection, but that's it.

I am rather undecided on this product. The only reason why I purchase this foundation is because it is the perfect match to my skin tone, otherwise I'd prefer other foundations. This product leaves my face extremely shiny.

You can't get a better brush for only $3.00!

I absolutely love the ELF powder brush! It is so incredibly SOFT! Everytime I shop ELF I always always get an extra powder brush. It can be used for so many puposes such as setting powder, contouring, applying blush, buffing on mineral foundation and so much more! If there is one impressive ELF brush it is definitely their powder brush! :)

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