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Smells delicious!

PROS: I am so happy I found this lipgloss! It smells identical to Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. It has that AMAZING caramel scent called "dulce de leche"! This gloss in infused with Argan Oil and the consistency is not sticky. The gloss has a hint of color, but sheer. I love this gloss primarily for it's scent! It is my current favorite! I dislike the fact that I love this product so much because it's $20.00! The product I use up the most is definitely lip gloss!

Cons: The brush applicator sometimes takes a while to put back inside the tube. The brush also sheds.

The only lash curler I ever use!

This is the only eyelash curler I have ever used since I discovered it years ago! It curls the lashes so beautifully!

PROS: It curls the lashes effectively! The eyelash curler grabs all the hairs. The silicone pad helps create the perfect curled lash!

CONS: This is not the cheapest lash curler out there, $19.00, but well worth it I believe.


PROS: This product is so creamy and works well as an eyeshadow base. It is so smooth and never tugs at the skin. It's amazing!

CONS: Not too many retailers sell NYX, but that will definitely change seeing as I've seen Nyx now in drugstores!

Like it!

I really like this blush! The blossom shade is a subltle peachy sheen. I am also getting into products that are paraben-free so this is an amazing line of cosmetics. I am not a fan of how small the product is for $20, but overall I like this product and enjoy wearing this shade usually over the summer.

I really do love that these glosses aren't sticky and the cherry scent is pleasant! Also, it's super affordable! Can't go wrong with these, plus there is a large array of colors to choose from! You're sure to find a shade you LOVE!

I love OPI nail polishes! I've noticed of all the polishes out there I really enjoy the large brush and color pay off. Usually one coat or two is enough. Also, most OPI polishes don't chip as easily as other polishes.

Love it!

I absolutely LOVE this mascara! I have tried so many mascaras from Dior to drugstore and I have got to say this is by far one of my favorite mascaras thus far! Not only is it affordable and easily accessible at your local drugstore, but it provides my lashes with amazing VOLUME!

I only give it 41/2 stars instead of the full 5 starts because it provides amazing volume, but lacks a bit in the length department.

One coat is all you need for amazing volume, but I do tend to go nuts and coat my lashes more.

One of my fav MAC lipstick shades!

I absolutely adore MAC's Angel lipstick. Although it is a frost, it doesn't really look like applied on--not too extreme. The pink shade is gorgeous and even the absolutely stunning Kim Kardashian loves this shade! :)

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