Duo Mat Powder Foundation


Keisha G.
Flawless Foundation, Convenient Application

This is definitely my go- to foundation. I have very sensitive, combination skin and this foundation gives me a flawless, airbrushed finish without looking greasy or cakey. It covers any blemishes or imperfections that i have and is so easy to apply, definitely one of the staple products in my makeup collection.

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Soma S.
My FAVORITE powder foundation thus far!

During the summer, I want something that will help me deal w/ my oily skin... and this is it! It manages to give me a dewey natural finish after setting w/ a setting spray, and lasts a good 6-8 hours. The only thing I dislike about this is that it does transfer... so boyfriend's t-shirts beware!

If you're not super clumsy about forgetting what's on your face, it's pretty good! I learned my lesson the first time I saw foundation on the bf's black shirt and never made the mistake of rubbing my face against his chese ever again! This foundation is too good to waste on his stinkin' black shirt... =P

Does not make my face feel tight or dry like Bare Minerals did... [I tried ALL of their foundation variations and they all made my face feel tight and itchy!] so it was a miracle I found this stuff after trudging through numerous attempts to find a powder makeup that looked good and made me feel good.

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April A.

I've heard such RAVES about this product, but after using this product for months here are my thoughts.

PROS: *This product is wonderful for individuals who have amazing skin and need a little coverage. * The compact is easy and convenient. * Amazing matte finish, no oily shiny face ever when using this powder. * Replaces setting powder and foundation, this is a two in one product!

CONS: *Not good for dry skin because I find this product even shows up the dryness of one's skin even more. * Not the best coverage for someone with acne prone skin such as myself. * Pricey product! * Not too many color selections.

FINAL THOUGHTS: * Maybe when my skin improves this might work for me, but as of now I need a product with more coverage. This does not suit my dry skin.

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Ariana K.

THIS IS MY HG POWDER FOUNDATION! ahh it has done wonders for me! all seasons summer-winter ahhh gives me the best coverage & finish ever!!! it never looks cakey on me & its buildable!! the texture is so silky!! I have dry - combo skin & this works like heaven for me! :) I went thru 5 of these bad boys & I'm currently on my 6th one!! I will continue to use in my makeup routine whether its a hot summery tinted moisturizer day or a day where I have to use my full coverage routine xD this product from makeup forever is lovelovelove!

Chloe G.

Truly recommand this one, I have oily acne prone skin and this really doesn't make me break out. I love the coverage! Does not look cakey and it stay for a long time!