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Jess M.

So great! I got this for a bday and i have never used anything else. The formula isnt too dry or wet. I cant get great length and volume! I highly reccomend

Ly L.

"Amazing! The applicator prevents clumps, adds MAJOR volume, AND length." I love this mascara? Really define my lashes without clumping them. Also, it is paraben-free as well as all natural ingredients. Such a great lengthening mascara

Christine R.
My favorite for long lashes

I love Buxom mascara and use it every day. I lengthens my lashes beautifully without clumping and they still look so natural. If I want thicker lashes, I will apply a few coats for a heavier look, but for a daytime/natural look, one coat is fine. It's not inexpensive, but, for me, this is a product that is worth the price.

Jeannie K.
The best!

I absolutely love this product! It works wonders on my lashes, and it doesn't get all smeared under my eyes by the end of the day! The brush is perfect, it has a unique shape to it. Everything about it is amazing, it's so worth it!

Tiffany  M.
why so expensive ?

I just wish I could justify spending almost $20 on a mascar because if I could (then I could also prolly find a way to justify spending $60 on foundation ;) ) jk

if I could I would never allow my stash to be without this product it worx great for me.

Laura K.
My Favorite Mascara

This mascara does wonders! I use this on myself as well as my clients. It works great on almost all types of eyelashes. For a more dramatic look I usually apply Lancome Cils Booster before applying the mascara.

Randa R.
Worth the price

I first got this mascara a year ago & it is the only mascara that I have ever repurchased... I'm constantly trying to find something that will hold the curl on my STRAIGHT lashes & give me volume at the same time & this does the job amazingly! This is my go-to-mascara for everyday use. I use it no matter what as a base, I would recommend it to my friends. LOVE IT!

May K.
i loved it alot of volume

this product did wonders for my lashes and 2 of my friends who have completely different types of lashes and it worked for all of us it works for thin, thick, short and long lashes it may be a lil pricey though

Heath A.
great for curly lashes

I personally love this mascara, but not everyone I know does! I would recommend it if your lashes are already curly. For some reason they pump mine up without clumping, giving me bambi lashes. My friends who have straight lashes, however, don't like this mascara. They say it doesn't hold the curl (from their lash curlers) and comes right off.

While it's not recommended, I keep this mascara for about 5-6 months at a time because it gets better as it dries out. When I have a new bottle I will wipe excess product off on a tissue, then apply. Once it dries a bit it is perfect. If you don't like this product and can't return it, I would say keep it and see how you like it in a month or so. I find that I save a lot of money with this because it lasts so long and never flakes. I typically replace other mascaras every 1-2 months!

nikki j.

oh. my. gosh.

i received a deluxe sample of this in my sephora order before christmas and i have fallen head over heels with it. gone are the days of using two mascaras! for me, buxom lash is the perfect combo of volumizing and lengthening! at $19, it's not exactly cheap - as a full time student/full time fast food worker (which is horrible for my skin), it's needless to say i'm on a beauty budget - but it's not as expensive as some of the dior mascaras ($38?! pffft.) so, i think if you're looking for a higher end mascara for less money, buxom is definitely a good buy. i will be purchasing my full size very soon!