Beauty Product Reviews

Doesn't rub off

This stays on my lips which is unusual for me. I somehow can never keep these lipgloss type things on my lips. It's shiny can you don't feel like you have anything on you. Great Job Avon!

I have oily skin and need something to soak up the oil. Tissues DO NOT work. lol. This is great for me. All it does is remove the oil, it doesn't dry up your skin or anything like that.

It's an eraser. I swear!

This thing takes off all my makeup. For me, the real test is how well makeup remover takes off my mascara. This does the job. It is slightly oily but I don't mind that.


I love this colour. It has to be one of my favourite colours ever. I used this is conjunction with other polishes for water marbling. I highly reccomend this product.

Good Base

I own Milk and Black Bean. They serve as excellent eye shadow bases, especially for loose eye shadow. You have to use it sparingly and spread it on the lid otherwise you will end up with serious creasing. I experimented and tried to use Black Bean as an eyeliner. Not a good idea. I even tried setting it with black eye shadow. This product is affordable and I'll continue to buy it.

It's Subtle

I like this because it is not stifling. It is long lasting but it's not strong to the point where people will smell you comin' round the corner. I use it sparingly as it was a bit expensive. This is not something I would wear in the day time though especially if it is sunny. I got a bit of irritation on my skin where I sprayed it. Reaction to the sun I suppose.

Didn't work for me

After using this product, I still felt like I had a film of dirt all over my face. I also continued to experience breakouts. Perhaps I just wasn't suited to my skin type.

Does what it says it does.

This cleared my skin. My only problem is that it seems to finish really quickly. Not too expensive, smells good. What more do you want? It didn't change how my skin felt or anything but the marks started to fade and quite quickly too.

Feels Great on the skin

This is great for making your skin feel fresh in the morning. If you have really oily, acne prone skin, I suggest you use this together with another product. This smells great and it lasts long.


This product should remain secret so we could have really beautiful nails and leave everyone wondering how we did it. HAHA! This is potent stuff. If your nails don't grow the way you want them to, try this. Apply it as directed. It will work. It is pricey though an hard to find.

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