NYX Cosmetics

Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil


Kat A.
Great Base

I love all the colors these come in. They're really great as a base or some even on their own. They're also really easy to blend, just make sure to use in moderation because they do crease sometimes.

Erika A.

I love this jumbo crayon so much. I do have the milk one and I do use it as a base at times. I mostly wear the black bean when I'm going out and want to create a dramatic smokey eye look. If I could I would dive into a sea of these crayons and love every minute of it. LOL

Letitia L.
Black bean is da bom!

After I apply an eyeshadow base I use this color all over my lid before apply my shadow. It makes your black shadow more intense and is great to use for a deep smokey eye look.

Dianna P.
Transforms eyeshadows

I can't even bare to think what I would do without this product in Black Bean or Milk. Amazing bases to use to make an eyeshadow pop and look more vivid. The Black Bean gives a perfect 'Night out' look to any eyeshadow as well! Also good for smokey eyes. Milk is great for any color really. <3 def. must have!

Vicky D.
Smokey Eye?

i love NYX jumbo pencil in black bean. its amazing as a black face because its so creamy its easily blendable. also u can use it in the waterline instead of your everyday liner, so its basically a 2in1 i guess. LOVE THIS PRODUCT! plus, any of the NYX jumbo pencils are worth getting. they are just pure AWESOMENESS.

Tiffany M.

I love this as a base, been meaning to try out milk also but it makes a great base for a smokey eye look, kind of cuts your work out for you when trying to do any kind of dark look. Awesome product

Jessica M.
you can draw with this

i use this for most of my makeup sketching. i use a tiny nail art brush. its amazing what you could do with one black nyx jumbo eye pencil. lol

Julia marie C.

The NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil is a great COLOR base, not as a primer or eyeshadow primer. I use mine frequently to act as a gel eyeliner, and it works great. If you use it like I do, it can appear greasy/shiny, so I usually apply some powder eyeshadow over it to matify the texture. But overall, get this product!

Stephanie  M.
A great base!

I have this pencil in Black Bean, Electric Blue, Purple, Cherry, and Milk. These make great base for loose shadows/pigments or pressed shadows. I always apply my primer of choice (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and then apply the pencil but not too much. They are very creamy and you don't want you shadow to crease. Apply enough for the shadow to adhere to.

Amanda W.
Pretty Damn Fabulous

I have Black Bean and Purple Velvet, both of which I'm just in love with, because they can really change the whole effect of your eyeshadow, and really enhance colors. Black Bean, especially, really makes colored liners POP. I can't say much for they're creasing/not-creasing ability, I honestly used another primer underneath, but they didnt SEEM to crease.

I'm super excited to get more!