Be Delicious


Karin M.

This is one of my favorite scents, fresh, fruity, long lasting for every day use! Want to try the blossom version! Im wearing Be Delicious about a year now and its impossible to get tired of it!

Michelle D.

I've been using this for years, it's honestly one of my favorite secents. I tend to wear it more in the fall but always carry the hand lotion in my purse!

Kate P.

I fell in love with this sent everp since I got a sample in 17 mag. If you are planning on wearing this amazing perfume out, get ready to be showered in compliments! You can find it in any department store that sells perfume.I hope you love it as much as I do. :)

Jasmine H.
Love the smell!!!

absolutely love the scent- it's really fresh and has like a citrusy hint to it - overall I would probs buy it again but u would like to smell the other dkny fragrances

Laura  G.
smell amazing

best fragrance its smells so fresh lolz it last long too!! ma husband loves when I where it lolz I get a lot of complements on it:) the smell kinda reminds me of apples haha

Michelle C.
Fresh and crisp

Reminds me of Autumn. I really enjoyed how it smells in the bottle and (added plus) it smelled great on me! Definitely a scent I look forward to purchasing one day soon.

Albina g.
great summer scent!

light, fresh, fruity, floral and light. I'm always happy to have it as one of my go to summer scents. one of my first perfumes and it's always fun to go back and buy it again

Katharina C.
My Favorite

Love love love this perfume💚 Nothing would ever compare to this one ! It's a light scent not to heavy and it's shaped as a apple how cute right? I bought for my momma and she loves it 💚

Gracee S.
Mmm Delicious.

Bought this for my grandmother for her birthday about I think 4-5 years ago and ever since then, Be Delicious became the signature scent for both me and my grandmother! This scent makes you feel so refreshed and it's not too strong, which is something that I really look for when choosing a fragrance. The scent stays on you for a really long time too so you don't have to constantly spray it on you ;)

Huma K.
Subtle yet alluring.

I never intended to buy this perfume rather it was given to me as a sample. Now, it's one of my favorite smells! I've never been a seeker of fragrances but, thanks to my hubby, just got in to it ultimately so one can trust my judgment on 'em.

DKNY Be Delicious has an Apple-focused center and an exotic flower-ey undercurrent. It is sublime, does not nauseate with over-powering smell, and it goes with anything - day or night - having a freshness to it.