Be Delicious


Cassandra M.
love this scent, but found a dupe for it!

I absolutely love the scent of DKNY Be Delicious perfume, but I can't justify repurchasing a perfume for almost $75. I had received it for christmas one year then ran out, but I found an exact dupe for this perfume! It is called Apple Delight and can be purchased at Deb stores for $6.99. It literally smells IDENTICAL to the name brand, it is the perfect alternative for anybody that doesn't want to spend big bucks on a perfume! :)

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Wafi A.
Summer Scent

This may sound weird but lots of fragrances smell like tangerines on me. I'm not sure if it's the acid level in my body or something along those lines, but everything had a citrus smell on me.

This was probably one of the first fragrances that I realized smelled normal on me. It's really sweet and has a bit of a tanginess to it that really lives up to it's green apple shape. It's not sour, and almost smells like candy.

I guess this is the reason it's called Be Delicious because it smells divine.

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Maricel D.

this is the first perfume I would actually wear everyday. Not potent and over powering. I hate floral scent, and this is anything but that. Very sweet and light for day time use. Does not give you a headache. Would definitely be my go to perfume

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Miss N.
5 stars

This is by far one of my favourite perfumes! I love the unique scent that this perfume offers!

Save 15% on it here

If you haven't tried it TRY IT! You will love it.

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Sara R.
One of my all time faves!

I love this perfume to death! I don't always smell apple, I always think its lime! haha its a unique scent and every time I wear it people always compliment it and ask what it is.

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Gwgw G.

this perfume has been my ultimate favorite for many years now.. i dont think i ll ever be without it in. i absolutely love it, the scent is one of the most beautifull scents i have ever smell.

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Lisa L.

One of my favorite perfumes, hands down! The smell just lasts forever! It smells like an apple so it has that sweet smell to it but it's not overpowering. I definitely get asked all the time what perfume I'm using when I'm using this.

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Hanah F.
Juicy + Fruity

I am a glamarama juicy girl who loves fruity scents. DKNY Be Delicious reminds me of happy summer days OR cool, crisp,apple season autumn breeze (Choose one).

Smells yummy. Lasts all day. One spritz is all you need, seriously.

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Jane F.

Love this perfume. Lasts all day, and smells AMAZING. I have repurchased it several times already. And I get compliments on it all the time.

Has a bit of a citrus/fresh green apple scent. Fresh and lovely!

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Jessica D.

this is my scent i love it so much and i always get compliments! it smells sweet just like an apple i could just sniff it all day long....loves it<3

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