Benefit Cosmetics

You Rebel


Rachel G.
Makes you tan, not ORANGE!

I love this mixed with Benefit's Hello Flawless pressed powder. It's the perfect doesn't just make my skin gives me a "glow." It also lasts all night...and doesn't rub off. It's really moisturizing as well.

Yomaira C.
Great when you're in a rush!

This is absolutely perfect for the woman on the go or the woman who doesn't neccessarily like to dab in too much makeup. I personally like to put this on in the mornings when i have to leave my house to drop off my son at school. It hides my morning face ;) definitely a MUST buy ;)

Judy C.

I'm not in love with this product but it is great as a moisturizer, it doesn't cover up major imperfections but it evens out skin tone. I'm not sure if it would work on fair skin tones, as it is medium tone. On my medium skin tone it works well and I really like the texture and the scent. Plus it has SPF protection!

Maya C.

This was the first tinted moisturizer I had ever tried, and it worked ok. It smells like sunscreen for sure and it does leave that shiny look that sunscreen does. I always needed to put a powder on top of this because it was just too shiny alone. It's just a basic light coverage tinted moisturizer, and there are much better ones out there!

Wafi A.
No colors

This product comes in two colors. You Rebel and You Rebel Lite. Both colors are entirely too light for someone like me. I keep hearing how wonderful of a moisturizer it is, but I don't think it's so great if there isn't a color for me.

I think that girls need to go to the counter and make sure the moisturizer matches them because it does not just blend right into the skin.