Be Delicious


Wafi A.
Summer Scent

This may sound weird but lots of fragrances smell like tangerines on me. I'm not sure if it's the acid level in my body or something along those lines, but everything had a citrus smell on me.

This was probably one of the first fragrances that I realized smelled normal on me. It's really sweet and has a bit of a tanginess to it that really lives up to it's green apple shape. It's not sour, and almost smells like candy.

I guess this is the reason it's called Be Delicious because it smells divine.

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Gwgw G.

this perfume has been my ultimate favorite for many years now.. i dont think i ll ever be without it in. i absolutely love it, the scent is one of the most beautifull scents i have ever smell.

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Hanah F.
Juicy + Fruity

I am a glamarama juicy girl who loves fruity scents. DKNY Be Delicious reminds me of happy summer days OR cool, crisp,apple season autumn breeze (Choose one).

Smells yummy. Lasts all day. One spritz is all you need, seriously.

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Jane F.

Love this perfume. Lasts all day, and smells AMAZING. I have repurchased it several times already. And I get compliments on it all the time.

Has a bit of a citrus/fresh green apple scent. Fresh and lovely!

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Michelle D.

I've been using this for years, it's honestly one of my favorite secents. I tend to wear it more in the fall but always carry the hand lotion in my purse!

Laura  G.
smell amazing

best fragrance its smells so fresh lolz it last long too!! ma husband loves when I where it lolz I get a lot of complements on it:) the smell kinda reminds me of apples haha

Michelle C.
Fresh and crisp

Reminds me of Autumn. I really enjoyed how it smells in the bottle and (added plus) it smelled great on me! Definitely a scent I look forward to purchasing one day soon.

Katharina C.
My Favorite

Love love love this perfume💚 Nothing would ever compare to this one ! It's a light scent not to heavy and it's shaped as a apple how cute right? I bought for my momma and she loves it 💚

Julia F.

I'm not the biggest fan of fruity/sweet smelling perfumes, but DKNY Be Delicious is amazing. It's not over powering, I don't get a headache from wearing it, and I always get compliments when I do wear it! Definitely recommend this!

Jen C.
Fun, fruity, playful, young, DELICIOUS!

I love this fragrance! When you look at my perfume collection, you'll notice that I'm a fan of fruity and/or sweet scents - Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Ralph Lauren RALPH, Aqualina Pink Sugar Sensual, Dior J'adore, etc... I can't get enough of this smell, it's one of my most worn perfumes. I find that the best time to purchase perfume is during the Christmas holiday when the full sizes come in gift sets with lotion/shower gel for an affordable price! I love that it's sweet and fruity, with a hint of a woodsy-muskyness. Before I leave for work, I spray this onto my neck and my left wrist, dabbing (NOT rubbing, as rubbing can crush the molecules in the perfume resulting in the fragrance to fade faster) my right wrist gently, and lastly at the back of head/neck area so it's in my hair as well. :)