Beauty Product Reviews

Essential to a Makeup Artist!

I love this mixing palette especially when I'm working with a client. The strap is so convenient to have because I'll always have a free hand when I wear this. The palette doesn't scratch when I scrape product off with a metal spatula and it's so easy to clean. The only thing I don't like about this is my metal spatulas magnetizes to the palette so it's hard to mix product. Also, the palette swivels around so it's hard to gain control of it when I wear it on my wrist or the back of my hand. If I wear it with the palette in the palm of my hand with the strap on, it defeats the purpose of having a free hand. Other than that, I like the palette!

So Moisturizing!

I have the lemon and chamomile flavored lip balm and it smells so good! It reminds me of lemon Starburst! It's really moisturizing on my lips. My problem with lip balms is that they tend to dry out my lips after a while and my skin starts to peel. I have no issues with that when using this balm. It doesn't go on overly shiny like Carmex and it's not too dry like EOS lip balm, so it provides just the right amount of shine without looking too glossy. It just feels the way lips should always feel!


I love this foundation! It provides great coverage and it feels lightweight and natural. I find that it lasts all day on my face without settling into fine lines or pores. I love the finish look of it after setting it with a translucent powder because it just ties everything together. As cliche as it is, it really does give an airbrush look! The great thing about it is that it looks like my skin only better! :)

Love this blush!

I love this blush! It blends nicely and gives a nice sheen to your cheeks. I think the packaging is great because it almost feels high end. So just the whole product as a whole is definitely a win for me!

Good coverage but creases!

I really wanted to love this product! I thought the coverage was really nice and it matched my skin nicely but after just a couple of minutes it settled into my fine lines under my eyes even after setting it with powder. I'm glad this didn't break the wallet too much ($16) because right now it's just in my makeup drawer collecting dust. I haven't used this on other areas of my face but as far as an under eye concealer (what it's intended for) it just didn't do it for me!

My Hair Never Felt So Soft!

I've heard some really great things about this product but it took me a while to actually purchase it because I've been using BioSilk for quite some time now and I was hesitant for a change. To be quite honest I'm glad I stepped away from BioSilk because it could not even compare to this product! I was just blown away at how soft and silky my hair was after using it just once. I noticed my hair looked a lot shinier and it stayed tangle-free throughout the day. My hair was more tamed and definitely more healthy looking. My hair goes all the way down to my back and sometimes it just feels heavy, dull, and flat. But with this product I noticed how light and bouncy my hair feels! It's been so much easier to manage and I've also gotten compliments on the smell and look of my hair from using it. Definitely a new favorite of mine and I can see this product in my haircare routine for a long time to come!

My Go-To Concealer.

I've been using this concealer for years and years! So far it's been the best concealer when it comes to covering up blemishes and I even use it for my dark circles. It's really creamy and blends easily without looking cakey or dry. A little bit of this goes a long way I only wish that it would last longer in some cases. Sometimes it lasts a pretty good while but other times depending on the kind of makeup or how I did it, it'll tend to fade throughout the day/night. It's not a huge problem for me but I guess since it's so creamy it can't help but move around. Nonetheless it's still and always be a favorite of mine and I'll continue to use it!

Good and affordable.

At first I wasn't sure how well I was going to like this lipgloss but after I gave it time to set on my lips I ended up really liking it! I have to disagree with some people who say it isn't sticky because it is a bit on the sticky side. But part of that works great because it lasts pretty long and it doesn't dry out my lips. I also love that it has SPF 15 in it. I actually really like the smell of it too. I would definitely purchase these again especially since they're so affordable!

Great finishing powder

I use this powder after applying foundation and it makes my skin look absolutely flawless. My skin just looks a lot smoother and more even. The powder is really fine and can get pretty messy but just a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I do hate the white cast it leaves on my face but once it has time to set in then it looks fine. I only wish it lasted longer since I have oily skin but other than it's a really great product and very affordable.

Good Top Coat.

At first I didn't like this top coat because I noticed that my nail polish would start to peel after a few days. Sometimes it would come off in one piece and sometimes it would chip off after a day which really annoyed me. I was really disappointed to begin with but after using it several times I actually really like it now. It still peels if I do it intentionally and that's usually because I'm bored, lol. But it maintains the shine up until you decide to remove your manicure. It makes your manicure last a lot longer but I think it also depends on the type of nail polish you're using under the top coat. I also love that it dries amazingly fast. I'll probably keep coming back to this one since I ended up liking it after I gave it another chance.

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