Paw Palette

Magnetic White OG



Olesya M.
Very happy!

I am very happy I choose this palette, not too big, not too small, the magnet is strong enough, the band seems a bit too fine to hold everything, but since I started working with it everything performed just perfect’

Nancy B.
Strap broke right away

The quality of the palette is great, but I liked it mainly to be able to use the strap around my hand. Unfortunately, after only using it a few times, the strap broke off. I can still use the palette by holding it in my hand, and it still works great and cleans easily, but if you're buying this for the ease of using the strap, don't get your hopes up.

Marianna M.

Holding it in my hands makes me doubt the price. Everything but the magnets is plastic and that makes perfect sense for professional use but did it have to be such cheap looking plastic? The buckle on the hand strap has scratchy edges from the uneven mold with a coating of rose gold paint that almost but not quite matches the stud on the end of the strap which also doesn't quite match the almost copper gold color of the logo. The adjustment buckle is a much better matte black plastic material but what's happened to the rose gold theme we had going? Also the magnets are attached to the plastic with glue that splays out beyond the magnet on the pallet and the strap buckle. I don't have a better idea for attaching them.. I'm just saying it looks a bit like a messy craft project. Those little things might not bother anyone else who is only here for the functionality of the piece but they make me think a bit hard about the fact that I paid $26 for this thing..

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Ursula S.
Handing little palettes

Love the hand strap adjustable magnet mixing palette. It free my hands up while keeping the product where I need it. So much so I purchased 2. Strap is secure until you decide to take it off. All is so very easy to use and clean. I definite for anyone's kt. ;) The only down side is if you want a spatula, you will have to purchase it separately. Oh, in a perfect world everything would come together without additional cost of impact on quality. I still would recommend the palette none the same. ;)

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Katie R.
Love this

It's absolutely perfect for mixing foundations. I use this on a daily basis if I'm doing someone else's makeup or to even out my foundation color. The purrrfect thing to gift for the holiday season!!

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Tina Marie C.
Essential to a Makeup Artist!

I love this mixing palette especially when I'm working with a client. The strap is so convenient to have because I'll always have a free hand when I wear this. The palette doesn't scratch when I scrape product off with a metal spatula and it's so easy to clean. The only thing I don't like about this is my metal spatulas magnetizes to the palette so it's hard to mix product. Also, the palette swivels around so it's hard to gain control of it when I wear it on my wrist or the back of my hand. If I wear it with the palette in the palm of my hand with the strap on, it defeats the purpose of having a free hand. Other than that, I like the palette!

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Lera J.
MUA's & Hairstylist can use this!

I love the versatility of this product. I like it white so that I can see the colors i'm blending. I like how you can have the de-panned products here for the quickness. I like the ability to literally throw a mess of hairpins/bobby pins on this beauty and never have to reach...especially if you have no assistant that day. I will be purchasing a few of these so that I can have them for hair & makeup. I do however wish the magnet on the bottom was larger to fit a few more shadows or alligator clips on. Won't deduct stars on that because I will prob buy 2 more! Might be my favorite Beautylish buy I've made yet!

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Natalie H.
Best One

The magnetic white OG was definitely the best out of all of them! I wasn't a fan of the other one's very much. The main reason I really LOVE this product, is because of it's magnetic, I would probably have been way more stoked if they had other shapes in the magnetic one! But all around, these are great for makeup artists and I love it for not just doing makeup on myself, but when I do makeup on other people.

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Yasmin K.
Easy to use

Note: I do not have this exact one mine is the Paw Palette Magnetic Cat Shape in White. Same item just a different shape.

I chose to purchase the magnetic Paw Palette at IMATS LA 2013 because I had seen Elessa (Pursebuzz) use one after IMATS LA 2012. What I like about the magnetic one is that if you have a loose pan - shadow or lip gloss you can put it on the palette to use and the strong magnet will hold it in place.

The only downside I have with these is that the strap while adjustable doesn't have a quick adjusting strap but that's just me nitpicking.

Would I repurchase? Yes. If Beautylish were to get exclusive glitter cat palettes I'd buy another. ;)

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