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Argan Oil Treatment


Andrea H.
I liked it!

Sometimes you buy oil treatments like this one, and Argan oil is nowhere to be found. This one was pretty good though. A little thick, but it wasn't bad because it weighed down the frizz. I like the smell and it gave my hair a natural shine not the artificial ones you may get from using liquid silicones.

it's also great for hot oil treatments: heat the oil up for 30 seconds or until it is warm enough but not hot to the touch so you don't scorch the scalp, apply sparingly to the scalp but more generously to the ends, which need more care since the hair is older and has more wear and tear, then put hair up in a processing cap or plastic bag for about 15 minutes, then shampooing out well so you don't leave behind any oily residue. I recommend a non-sulfate shampoo.

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Danielle H.

5 stars is definitely not enough for this miracle worker. I used to use Garnier Fructis Leave In Hair Serum and was pretty happy with it until my mom took me to Sally's Beauty supply. It was on sale for buy one get one free so my mom got one for me and one for her. When I got home I poured a drop into my hand to examine it. At first I thought it wasn't for me because the oil felt really heavy(almost like syrup) and I tossed it into my closet and left it there. A few months later I ran out of Garnier and was desperate so I tried the oil. OMG i hated myself for not using it sooner. It instantly improved my hair's look and feel, and I only had to use about a dime sized amount(that part really surprised me because i have unbelievably thick hair). It's been about a year now and I have found other uses for this magic in a bottle. After shaving, I use a few drops on each leg and it instantly soothes them and keeps them moisturized all day long and they feel so smooth I ask my boyfriend to feel them every day lol. I use a small drop on my face after a hot shower to keep it smooth/moisturized. I use it on my cuticles whenever I give myself a mani-pedi. I've used it on my tattoos to bring out the colors and protect them from the damaging effects of the weather(use only AFTER tattoos have completely healed!), and just recently I started using it around my lips whenever the winter weather completely dries the skin out. All in all, this product has changed my life for the better (x

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Tina Marie C.
My Hair Never Felt So Soft!

I've heard some really great things about this product but it took me a while to actually purchase it because I've been using BioSilk for quite some time now and I was hesitant for a change. To be quite honest I'm glad I stepped away from BioSilk because it could not even compare to this product! I was just blown away at how soft and silky my hair was after using it just once. I noticed my hair looked a lot shinier and it stayed tangle-free throughout the day. My hair was more tamed and definitely more healthy looking. My hair goes all the way down to my back and sometimes it just feels heavy, dull, and flat. But with this product I noticed how light and bouncy my hair feels! It's been so much easier to manage and I've also gotten compliments on the smell and look of my hair from using it. Definitely a new favorite of mine and I can see this product in my haircare routine for a long time to come!

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Jamie C.

I love this thing! I bought it when it was on sale at Sally's and couldnt be happier I found it at a great price, especially when it's almost double the price elsewhere. I use this on damp hair after I wash it and comb it through. I focus a bit more on my ends because they definitely need more lovin! My hair feels so silky and soft and I would repurchase this again and again!

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Sara B.
Amazing Product...Amazing Scent

I have dry-ish hair naturally and from processing...I'm always on the lookout for new anti-frizz and shine, smoothing products. A lot of products are heavy or greasy in my hair...this is neither. I use it mostly when my hair is dry and after styling (I notice with any oils I need to use it after styling as my hair won't hold style as well if I put it on first). I start by putting a small amount (it will be different for different hair types...I use about a nickel size) and rub it between my hands. I start by getting all my ends first and then smoothing it through a bit the lower half of my hair and the hair at the back of my neck. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky. Play with it when you aren't going out, if you have never used oil in your hair. I can't get enough of the scent! My hair looks and feels so shiny!!

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Beth C.
My hair's best friend!

I love this product.... Ever since I started using it together with the shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels and looks better. I also dyed my hair red and and this product doesn't strip the color. It such a huge difference from all other products. This is a keeper for me, I don't think I need to try any other product out there. Everyone should own this.

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Karen P.
Love it

I have nothing but good to say about this product. It makes my hair feel soft and smooth. Its non greasy-ness makes me love it even more. I use it twice a day and concentrate it on my ends.

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Vanny D.
Can't live without it #2!

Smell's amazing! Eliminates frizz, adds shine and does not weigh your hair down! Price wise, its reasonable. I personally think its worth every penny! ps. A little goes a looooooong way! I love that part too!

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Komal D.

This is probably the greatest thing that has ever happened to my hair. I used this all the time when I swam competitively and the Argan Oil is probably the only thing that kept my hair smooth. I used it every night and it did wonders for my hair. It is a little more viscous than other oils out there, but it also gets the job done better than a lot of other oils. I actually use this instead of hairspray sometimes after I have curled my hair. Scrunch in a little bit of the oil and the curls stay. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing! I have frizzy hair, especially when it is humid outside, and this keeps my hair tame in a way that a lot of other products can't. Honestly, I swear by this product!

Lily J.

I'm a huge fan of hair oils seeing as my hair is naturally pretty dry and thick so when I saw this for only $4 at Sally's I bought it on a whim. I had just ran out of the expensive moroccan oil one so I wanted to compare the two. Much to my surprise, this works just as good as the moroccan oil! You only need a little and your hair will be left super silky soft and with incredible shine. Definitely recommend.