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Argan Oil Treatment


Komal D.

This is probably the greatest thing that has ever happened to my hair. I used this all the time when I swam competitively and the Argan Oil is probably the only thing that kept my hair smooth. I used it every night and it did wonders for my hair. It is a little more viscous than other oils out there, but it also gets the job done better than a lot of other oils. I actually use this instead of hairspray sometimes after I have curled my hair. Scrunch in a little bit of the oil and the curls stay. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing! I have frizzy hair, especially when it is humid outside, and this keeps my hair tame in a way that a lot of other products can't. Honestly, I swear by this product!

Lily J.

I'm a huge fan of hair oils seeing as my hair is naturally pretty dry and thick so when I saw this for only $4 at Sally's I bought it on a whim. I had just ran out of the expensive moroccan oil one so I wanted to compare the two. Much to my surprise, this works just as good as the moroccan oil! You only need a little and your hair will be left super silky soft and with incredible shine. Definitely recommend.

Dezirae R.

I have thick wavy hair. I've struggled For years to find the right serum for My mane, and finally I have found a good one. Argon oil is the best product. Helps with shine, color Protection and frizz. I am a happy camper

Didi K.

I love this product soo much!! It makes my hair smoothe like an angle, and it keeps most of my frizz down. If anyone lives in a cold dryish area like London you'll know what I mean. I recommend it for anyone. The only problem I have with it is that if you don't have thick hair like me, than it can make your hair very oily if you aren't careful with the amount you put I your hair. If this product doesn't work for anyone, I also recommend coconut oil or Moroccan oil like Felica C. said. Other than that, I love it.

Sandra V.

It keeps my hair healthy, smooth, and less frizzy. My hair is naturally extremely dry, and I add a little bit of this and it is gone! I also mix it with water and use it as a treatment. It does not leave your hair oily at all either! :)

Felica C.
Lasts a while but I prefer morrocan oil

Not sure of the differences between the two but I have both and use them moderately. But I find myself choosing the Moroccan one more often.. Lasts very long I have had it for a while

Jen S.
I used this product once in my life

It actually worked pretty well with my hair it made it softer and shinier. I would recommend it to anyone who wants shiner hair. It smells wonderful as well and my hair has never been silkier so I would purchase my own bottle.

Brittany R.
It's a good oil

Made my hair soft, didn't look greasy, I have thinner hair so that was a big plus for me and the smell isn't bad and it lasts forever. I got mine a year ago and I'm not even half way thru

Michele P.
fantastic for curly hair

gor curly hair this is the best. I had my hair straighened and it does not work as well. I still love it. I highly recommend this product, it does well on skin too.

Angel O.
Very good oil

I received this product as a small sample bottle by purchasing my new flat iron. I tried it and it leaves your hair so silky,smooth, and a light scent that smells good. I apply it to dry hair but only towards my ends. It leaves them soft and make them look healthy. The oil also doesnt weigh down hair and isnt too heavy. Im going to buy the big bottle soon from Sally's. I give this 5, try it!