All About Eyes Concealer


Tori H.

I. LOVE. THIS. CONCEALER. It is amazing. I always hav ethese deep dark circles, and I absolutely hate them. I tried this for my homecoming, and it worked wonders! I still use it every day. Amazing concealer.

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Diana M.
Wearing it since 2005

I love it! being a mother of 5 I needed something for those sleepless nights. I don't like dark circles under my eyes and more so I like how just a tiny bit under my eyes or on blemishes can do wonders. I never find myself needing to reapply unless I have plans for the evening. good stuff.

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Sabrina D.
it crease a little bit

i love this concealer but it settle into some of the lines underneath my eyes if i forget to set it with powder.. :| and the shade was right but it didnt give me full coverage.. maybe next time, i'll pick up one that's lighter to brighten up the area :)

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Tina Marie C.
Good coverage but creases!

I really wanted to love this product! I thought the coverage was really nice and it matched my skin nicely but after just a couple of minutes it settled into my fine lines under my eyes even after setting it with powder. I'm glad this didn't break the wallet too much ($16) because right now it's just in my makeup drawer collecting dust. I haven't used this on other areas of my face but as far as an under eye concealer (what it's intended for) it just didn't do it for me!

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Katie C.
Not the best.

This was one of the first concealers that I ever purchases. At first I thought it was great, but now that I have tried many others I am not too impressed. The coverage isn't that great. It doesn't wrinkle under my eyes but it doesn't help my really dark circles.

Jasmine S.

I love the color match but I have OILY skin & this did nothing but add more oil to my face! It was terrible! My face was sooo shiny after just a few hours after application. Never again.